A-4N Skyhawk II (Ayit) Israel I can't see the cannon crosshairs in my cockpit in SB

I have a problem with A-4N Skyhawk II (Ayit) Israel. In Simulated Air Battle mode.
I can’t see the cannon crosshairs in my cockpit. And that’s why I don’t know when to start shooting.

I only have this problem in SB (Simulated Air Battle) mode when only the view from the cockpit of the plane is available.

I would like to have a reticle for the cannon available, as is the case with every plane I’ve had so far.

How do I set up the gun sight on my A-4N Skyhawk II (Ayit) Israel fighter please?

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There is an issue about it on the tracker.

have you got a link?



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No one flies here A-4N Skyhawk II (Ayit)?

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Yep, I do. I have never seen a cannon pip in that plane in regular operating mode in SB

So how do you use cannons? Are you aiming at random? I doubt that a fighter plane is equipped to target the enemy randomly.

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I think yours was a duplicate. Here’s where Gaijin referred to: Community Bug Reporting System

I use the tracers to aim, which is obviously suboptimal, but i can guess the hit point… though i only use them for air to air combat.

Ayit has been broken for a while,
I’ve been working on bug report in my free time for the A4N/M series skyhawks (Ayit is the only one rn) cause i’m fed up with it not even having a basic gyro sight since these last skyhawks were actually pretty advanced for the time. Things that ik it needs fixed/is lacking:

  • standard gyro gunsight
  • ccrp indicators (later A4M’s upgraded to the same HUD as A7 corsair 2 - so it has all the same functionality - Ayit is derived from these later model M’s)
  • modular access to hughes ARBS TV auto tracker replacing radar in nose cone when installed; (A4M’s got upgraded with ARBS along with the HUD and Ayit had access to these as well - is the exact same TV tracker as on AV-8B) providing CCRP for bombs & CCIP for bombs, rockets & guns while in constantly changing attack angle (basically any time not flying exactly straight) also works seemlessly with all skyhawk TV & laser weapons, and can track both air and ground targets
  • ccip for guns & rockets; accurately via the radar for Ayit or more limited via ARBS, the radar is how the bomb ccip is given without ARBS system rn, and would be why they didnt continue with the TV tracker component of ARBS on A4N’s similar to argentinian A4M’s since accurate solutions at all attack profiles are provided by the new radar unlike with ARBS system
  • Even has a basic ‘snake line’ air target hud mode, can be assisted by ARBS TV tracker to provide rudimentary airial gun solutions, i would imagine the upgraded Ayit radar would be able to provide even better solutions but i’d like to look into this more.

Fingers crossed we have Ayit get fixed up soon and have the A4M added in US tree too.

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