A-4E groubd BR must be 9.0

Stop ruining best BR sets.

but soviet 10.0 didn’t got any penalty which really need nerf.

why latest patch didn’t make about it?

this patch just made soviet getting better

yak-38: R-60, guided missiles, ccip, above 20kg of rockets shooting by ccip. 9.3

AV-8C: AIM-9G, no guided any weapons, ccip, only two 1000lb bombs 9.7

I hope AV-8C can fill the blank of 9.0 cas plane or A-4E would come to 9.0

I really hope.

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Your argument?

The A4E should be 9.3 in GRB.

It has 2 guided bombs which allow it to stay outside SPAA range, and the bullpups are very potent and easy to use.

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It doesn’t really have a line up though, at 9.0 you could at least have the m60a3 TTS. And it’s only got 2 of them, by the time you actually get to use both bombs the game is halfway done, assuming you don’t get shot down.

Didn’t know you could reliably kill stuff from 4+km away with glide bombs on a well below sub-sonic platform up against Strelas and Stingers

Learn something new every day, eh?

A-4E has 2 - 3 guided munitions for 9.3, guaranteed frags.
Soviets did not stay the same.
Yak-38 does not have CCIP for bombs.
AV-8C is balanced at 9.7.
If you want 9.0 CAS, get the A-4B or F-84F.


MBT-80, Chaparral, M60A3 TTS, XM-803.
Merkava Mk2B, XM1.
I do not have a 9.0 lineup for USA, as 9.0 exists far less than 9.3 does.

Strela is 10.3, and over-BR’d a bit at that. A-4E is 9.3, you’re almost never going to see Strelas, and you have flares if you do find them.


Oh no SPAA can kill you, oh the horror.

Alvis basically said what I was going to say, so I don’t need to say it again.


Yeahhhhhhh flares against a strela dont work 99% of the time

The A-4E (And it’s Israeli cousin) were two of the most blatantly overperforming CAS aircraft in the game. Long range self guided munitions against gun based SPAAs was an absurd mismatch.

It’s been great to see them actually being countered now, and it’s particularly funny the players clearly used to their invulnerability making absolutely no changes to their gameplay and complaining that they’re being countered. They just fly in a straight line from spawn right into the IR SAM I throw at them, no attempt to evade, or even flare in most cases.

The tanks you bombed don’t have laser turrets to intercept the AGMs too, they suck it up and die, something should do the same to A4E.

You can have your A-4E at 9.0 in ground, but you lose your two TV guided bombs.

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