A-10 to 10.7 was a mistake

A-10 at 10.7 is just terrible. How come the premium one gets to stay at 10.3 though?

Good point, it should be moved up to 10.7 too.




Both things should gets higher BR as far as possible for makes flareless subsonics/supersonics playable in the game.


The early should have moved too, but I think it’s because it has 2x 9L’s compared to 4x 9L’s. Still a rat plane at the BR, no AIM-9L should ever even grace the 10.3 zone, good riddance.


It has worse guided missiles and lacks 2 Aim9Ls. That is why.

With that logic the Italian AMX should get moved up too then. A-10 is probably the easiest plane to bully in the game, even when it was still sitting at 10.3. The 9Ls aren’t even that good anymore. The only time you can count on them not getting flared is when you send on an extremely hot engine (which you don’t encounter very often unless at top tier).

Not by a long shot. Especially by the 9.3s, 9.7s, and 10.s it faced with no flares that would be a guaranteed kill from the 9Ls if they got in all aspect range. The whole reason the A10s/Su-25s moved up is for the health of the vehicles below them, which is more important than the usability of two subsonic attackers in Air RB. They are much more suited for Ground RB striking than operating at all in Air matches.

Yeah, it should…