A-10 Air Spawn

With more maps being really big, I’ve had a few instances where as soon as I reached the battle the game was over. Even if the map isn’t big it still takes so much time for the A-10 to reach anything that enemies could easily flank around and shoot it down.
Sure this could be just a “Hur dur the A-10 is slow and should get air spawn just because” post, but I from playing it over and over for countless hours, I genuinely don’t see a point to spawn at the air base.

Everything should just get an airspawn, air RB is repetitive and spawning on the airfield just adds to the 5 minutes of wasted time before you ever see anyone.

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Just a little more input since I am currently mad from a game I just had. I had climbed up to 4k meters so I don’t get strafed by either a mig-21 that’s looking for prey in the back, or some other f-104 or other plane that’s looking for slow planes. And the game ends, before I could even reach a base. Yes I’m malding, seething and in all honesty, I am trying to cope, but If side climbing doesn’t seem to work for the A-10, then I just don’t know what else to say.

ok zoomer

RB EC when? If I’m going to waste my time taking off 600 times, I want missions that last longer than 25 minutes

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I’d be zooming a lot more if I didn’t have to take off every time.


but these 5 minutes are for most players “their fun” because after these 5 minutes they die. This is the same reason why so many people “love” huge maps, simply because their survivability is artificially inflated.

The A10 and SU25 are not implemented in the game for AirRB. They are for GroundRB. If you want to fly them in AirRB I recommend to fly them without any payload except missiles. You are lot more agile, you are faster at the battlefield and you have more impact to the battle.
And with your plenty of cannon ammo you can make enough tickets/points/SL for grinding.

For sure in a full uptier it will happen that you reach the battlefield and the game is over. But this is common in hightier jet battles.

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