9L's are poorly modelled

so per Gaijins own cited reference:

“Second, unlike the AIM-9 models used during Vietnam, the AIM-9L was hard to distract, even with purpose-designed countermeasures.”

so why are they so easy to flare, even when chasing an afterburning engine?

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They aren’t easy to flare.

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they arent when the enemies use them, but if i even dare think about shooting a aim 9l at the target who doesnt turn off their after burner itll go after one flare, but you know its just observer bias :)

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Because you use them wrong ^^"

I have a pretty good reliability from 9L, far superior to what was Magic-2’s vefore update.

I have multiple (not all obviously, but like 40%) of AIM-9L ignoring multiple flare launch, with various patterns in using flares.

I have also seen (as Mirage 2000 players) 9L being really hard to decoy that i required much more flares than usual.

However, with good methods, it become easy to decoy, and that’s because you need to lure the missile into thinking the flare is your exhaust.

Flaring recklessly, or Flaring without thinking where is the flare going might end up having the 9L to keep on tracking your exhaust (sometimes even when afterburner is out)

It is at this point.

behind someone, looking at an AB inside of 2km is not “using them wrong”. they chase on single flares. every. time.

so what? do you want a magical tool that does all the work for you?

Flares are effectives against missiles without irccm thats nothing new

Sadly, intentional.

They used to work in a historically accurate manner, a decent chunk of the playerbase didn’t like that, they got nerfed, they were still decent, and then shortly after Apex Predators dropped there was a blanket nerf that made all IRs terrible for pvp.

I anticipate similar nerfs to the R-73 and Aim 9M once player whine enough.