9.3 Is quite literally. Hell

Can I stop getting uptiered at 9.3? I find it irksome when 8/10 games I play I encounter Pzbtls and TURMSTs and my M735 impacts with the force of a thousand eggshells.


What velocity are the eggshells, as that’s important…

Whatever the standard potato gun can reach.

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i mean… 8 out of 10 games are uptiers… if you dont like playing top tier, dont play it… and if you dont like getting up tiered (or accepted that it will happen 8/10 games) then you might want to play a different game :/

Shouldnt they do something about that then? If its constantly just a strugglefest?

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i mean… Should they? probably. Will they? very unlikely

If the new Br changes go through you just might

lol whatchoo mean IF? 1. they already changed a ton of vehicles and they are changing a lottt morrree (but yeah i know what you meant)

I really hope they take feedback from these forums.

i doubt they will on this…

They never listen

Gotta get out of the TURMS BR bracket or bring your own 10.0 vehicles. Kinda like playing around the Tiger bracket will always get you uptiered against them. (Looking at you, 6.0)

But I think the uptiers at 9.3 aren’t that bad, since your 9.3 tanks (should) have APFSDS / Stab / LRF, so there isn’t any real technological difference between a 9.3 and 10.0 tank. (My ass is ready to get blasted on this sentence)

I.e A XM-803 can engage and kill a TURMS no problem. It’s not like you’re shooting HEATFS at 800m/s against an ERA brick with APFSDS at 1400m/s with STAB + LRF. Unless you’re playing France.


Whats the issue with M735? It feels fine to me, on the Type 16 at least. No problem dealing with 10.3 uptiers

Yeah up/downtiers in a game with actual battle ratings don’t make sense…

They balance it by saying a tank that have this kind of weaponry, statistics etc is 5.7. Now, it should only face other tanks at 5.7 since it was balanced as such.

Now, you get to fight 6.7 tanks that is way better, since it has a higher BR because the matchmaker/devs deemed it so. Why even have BR at this point, if they’re not going to uphold it?

But noooo, here comes the big snail with the big brain and almost destroys the battle rating system, they created because: ‘‘Que time would be higher’’

Pfff, remove up/downtiering or make it optional.

It can’t be right that a 6.7 WW2 tank is supposed to fight a 7.7 cold war era tank. I mean, come on.

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That’s a mathematical impossibility. Even with homogeneous distribution, a system where vehicles of 4 classes differing in how “advanced” the are are matched together, 75% of the players will inevitably feel uptiered.

9.3 meets 10.3 => uptiered
9.7 meets 10.3 => uptiered
10.0 meets 10.3 => uptiered
10.3 meets everbody else => downtiered

Of course 9.7 will also meet 9.3 and 10.0, and 10.0 will meet 9.3 etc., but human psychology will sadly focus on the aspect that there’s someone “higher up” that is taking advantage of me.

The exact ratio of uptiers vs. downtiers will of course rarely be homogeneous, with the differences depending a lot on what BR’s are played in what frequency in your BR’s vicinity: Is you BR much less favored atm than the ones above, but still more favored than the ones below, the probability of getting uptiered are higher than being downtiered.

I did some analyses on this a while ago for a few months, and results showed that some BR’s indeed had higher frequencies of uptiers than would be expected if the distribution was homogeneous, but the difference was not vast. And it changed from month to month, based on what players played how often.


Agreed, its a matchmaking equation. I understand the necessity of it but it can be improved upon. If you remove the up/down tier system, then you’d be waiting 20 minutes just to get into an arcade battle at your current BR.

Making it optional if you want to be up/downtiered? I mean if you have a 9.3 tank in your lineup, you should play against other 9.3 tanks. If you dont have a lineup of entire 9.3 tanks, thats on you.

Try stock grind at 9.3 when 80-90% of your games are 10.3 and all you have is 400mm HEAT when every Soviet tank has ERA and most things have composites good enough to absorb that too.
The number of times I’ve had my barrel taken out and been driving around the map looking for someone to help me repair, only to find them all dead.

I’ve had 10 matches in my 2 new 9.3 tanks and only 1 of them hasn’t been full up-tier (10.3 matches). The outlier was a 9.7 match.

People do know there are TECHNiCALLY 3 “up-tiers” and only 1 down-tier, but I think people also know the difference between +0.3 and +1.0 up-tiers…

So when people complain about up-tiers, I think they’re talking about the +0.7 and +1.0 ones.
So far from my experience of 9.3, 90% has been the max +1.0 and 10% +0.1… Pretty brutal when I’ve only got stock HEAT and no repair kit.

Guarantee this guys plays nothing but Meta BRs. So you’re saying one should be forced to play certain brs or suffer just so you can have easy games at 8.7, 10.0, and 11.3?

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