8.3-9.0 Air and it's "new" compression

Gaijin recentlyish downtiered the F-86A-5, F-86F-25, F-86F-2, MiG-15bis, MiG-17, MiG-17PF, CL13s, etc. They need to revert these changes. All they accomplished to do was downtier the best jets at the BR that were the most popular jets as well, while leaving the weaker jets like the Hunters, G.91s, Mysteres, Super Mystere, etc where they were. Even the Me163 and Ki-200 stayed at 8.7 despite that meaning they now share a BR with an afterburning MiG-17…

It’s also just you know, massively compressing the HELL out of rank 5 jets who can’t do anything to a F-86 or MiG-15.


More incredible is that downtier-ing them didn’t solve their problem, as they can still see F-104’s and MiG-19’s on a uptier (which from my experience is majority of the matches).
Currently playing the Chinese F-86F-30 and every match there is at least one F-104A on the enemy team, accompanied by several other 9.3 that are slightly less annoying but still able to outrun you.

I remember all CC’s having a meltdown over this change when it was announced. Yet barely anyone in the community has talked about this. So that would indicate most are fine with these changes.


I think it’s mostly because no one is actively interested in anything between 7.3 and 11.0, which is a shame. The change is made compression worse, and has made playing early jets much more difficult.

I hope they will be reverted next BR changes.

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I doubt it. Pretty much everyone just pushed to have the Spit 24 BR decreased. I’m expecting most of posts in the next BR update to be about ground and fox-3 carrier’s.

Do have to say that moving them down was a goofy change. Since separate GRB BRs are a thing now they could have gone all the way to 7.7~8.0 for that while staying higher for ARB, since they are all solid fighters but not that great against ground targets

They didn’t go down due to being bad against ground though, but because they where seeing supersonic jets and all aspects missiles at 9.0-10.0

Most players would be fine if the game only had 10-11 BRs and we smushed all tanks and planes within that. That doesn’t mean it’s smart. That doesn’t mean its healthy for the game.

People doesn’t play 7.3-9.0 anymore because most old gamers who still remember 9.0BR meta already left from the game and BR compression became worse even it was huge problem before they add supersonic jets.

I really miss when 1v1 duel skill was actually needed in top tier games.