8 120 for f15?

Will there be the 8 120 load out option for F15C?


No, this is the french handholding patch. You will need to wait your turn.

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Wait is it seriously just 4x AIM-120A and 4x AIM-9M, when the Su-27SM can carry 6x R-77 and 2x R-27ER? Not only does Russia need more Fox 3s, they apparently also need to be able to still kill NATO planes before their AIM-120As can reach them.

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You’re forgetting that france is getting 6x mica and 2x magic 2s

Besides the MICAs, 6x ARH + 2x IR is fair, 6x ARH + 2x OP SARH isn’t

You’re joking right?
I’d much rather have 6x micas and two incredibly good IR missiles.

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Use this post to continue the conversation regarding the current F-15C’s configuration.

Having this post here won’t address the discussion properly for developers, as it is a topic relative to the Dev Server.

Would you rather have 6x MICAs + 2x Magic 2 or 6x R-77 (assuming they fix them) + 2x R-27ER?

Yes. I just said that.

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I added the “assuming they fix them” part, as Gaijin - by the information they put on the stat card - is saying it should be just better than the MICA

Spec you’re an idiot the R-77 is a dramatically inferior missile to the MICA-EM the very fact the R-77 has waffle fins should tell you everything

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i think r77 already is in a good state low aceleration due to drag problem(corrected on r77-1) and MICA it’s strong really strong but there’s nothing to do with, trust vectoring ,not old as aim120, but f15c should, must come with atleast 6 or 8 amraams option

I don’t think that the R-77 is better than the MICA, but Gaijin apparently does.

Jesus christ you’re dumb statcards dont mean anything the MICA and R-77 may both have a statcard G limit of 50 but it doesn’t mean the R-77 is capable of hitting 50G it maxes out at around 30-35g because its a non thrust vectoring missile it has to rely on fin AOA meanwhile the MICA-EM is thrust vectoring and can actually pull 50g the MICA-EM in game also has a far better internal seeker while the R-77 has the worst seeker out of the new ARH missiles

It indicates what Gaijin thinks the missiles should be capable of.

We’ll have to see if that changes in the live server and/or when Gaijin fixes the R-77

no it doesn’t its literally just random bullshit they throw on the stat card to give general information just like how the Yak-28 says it can do 1800kph but to reach 1800kph ingame would take so long its practically meaningless genuinely just shut up and stop posting if you dont understand anything all stats that matter aren’t shown on the statcard


What are they gonna fix its performing exactly how it should ingame its more manoeuvrable than the AIM-120 but has significantly worse drag and a worse seeker do some research before whining on the forum

It cant carry both 6x R77 and 2x ER at the same time.
It can do 4x R77 2x ER however.

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You are aware that the MICA isnt limited to long range right? Due to its TVC its essentially a radar guided R73.

Statcards are more or less reference points. The actual performance may vary.

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Yes, but it generally indicates how Gaijin thinks a missile should perform.

Neither is the R-77, though.

Meant to type that (facepalm).

Besides the worse seeker (Gaijin doesn’t care about the PoK), I do agree on the main points (more maneuverable and more drag when turning) but it is still underperforming afaik.