8.0 matchmaker is broke!

(This is not only for my VIDAR it is a proplem on every 8.0 Tank)
I played my new premium tank the VIDAR now for 47 matches and NEVER had a full downtier. And yeah the VIDAR is good and not OP but the matchmaker completly destroys it which isn’t fun. Getting always uptier is not funny or a “challange” its just anoying. I don’t want to say that I shouldn’t get uptiered anymore, I just want it more balanced. For that I have 2 options.

  1. An uptier is not 1 BR higer or lower instead its just 0.7 which would make it way better.
  2. Making more BR’s its helps to make the balancing more accurat and would help the matchmaking in any BR better for a balanced game.

Going to play 9.0 isn’t a issue, it is blessing, since there isn’t much tanks to fight against except the XM803,

VIDAR is a good vehicle and having thermals and laser rangefinder is more than enough on a HE slinger.

Nuh uh, you don’t have a strong argument, as you said you don’t wan’t get uptiered every time, but on VIDAR you’re complaining over nothing,

Move VIDAR to 9.0 then since 7.7 and 8.0 is one of the most populated BR in Sweden tech tree.

If you were playing with anything else I wouldn’t say much but a Swedish premium, nah.

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Full downtier requires 7.0 to be more popular than 8.0 and 6.0. Spoiler: 7.0 is rare.
So this means 8.0 is going to get uptiered.

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hahaha Vidar.

Nice troll post.


1st April is already over but time for jokes is never over

Dude I’m playing italy and my 8.0 tanks got downtiers thats why I#m wondering

Idk man. Other 8.0 tanks get downtiered but not mine

I am clear that the Br 8.0 are intended so that the 8.3, 8.7 and 9.0 have easy kills.

No sympathy for the Vidar, but as someone who is playing the AMX-30 I’m going through this as well. It seems 8.7 is very popular right now.


I play this game more than 1 year and I’m not skill issue I have experience in ground and the VIDAR is just a break from all the unbalanced stuff

But yeah 8.0 is just wierd

The biggest problem with some 8.0 tanks is the lack of stabilizer and in other cases also the low mobility or low armor (T-54, M60 Patton/Ariete, OF-40 etc.) and you always end up against the 8.7/9.0. If they had thermal sight, it would be much better.

stopped reading here

no but seriously stop defending vehicles simply because you own them and you don’t want them to be nerfed, its INCREDIBLY see through and frankly embarrassing.

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I was gonna feel sorry for you, because yeah, 8.0 sucks ass right now with all the 8.7/9.0 games.

But playing the VIDAR? Nope. That thing is criminally undertiered.


Did u ever Played it?

Did you ever played it

Some of them went to their stepmother’s house to play it, hence you don’t see it in their stats.

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does not matter

you do not need to play something to have an educated opinion on it

That is wrong Russian bias only exists when u play aganst them. Its the skill and the vehicel but only once doesn’t make a good gameplay