728Hours later..... Tk Ban


Recentry iam getting myself in to air simulator battles and love it ! Its amazing , but i had a very hard time to identify enemys via radar ,
getting counfused by a enemy planes name and then there is a friendly in the way of me and the enemy ,
so i panic and fire of a missle …

Iam not a teamkiller kinda player , iam 100% in for the game , and then i get a fkn ban on me for tk …

Asking for forgivness by the game masters seems not to work . They have 100%trust in the tk ban machine … what to do???

Sorry for my horrible writing .

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What to do? Nothing now,… but if you ever comeback, then learn more about radars, and to use them efficiently.

Read this for planes.

Read this for SPAAG/SPAAM

Also, take care to know if there is potential allies without IFF systems on board.

Dude - no offense, but the threshold to get a ban from the “auto-ban” system is way too low. In other words: Triggering a ban requires a hell of teamkills - therefore a cooling off period might help; if you got a perma ban: Congratulations!

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I havent got that many tks , got 2in a row yesterday then ban .


Sometimes it happens, especially when I use IR missiles.
Sometimes radar show me an enemy and after a few radar scans it turns out he is friendly even if we both have IFF.

But I’ve never been banned for such a long time for TK in sim battle. After 2 TK’s I was kicked out of the battle.

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automatically the game always ejects after 2tk

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It doesn’t matter if you spend money or not. If your actions are against the rules then you will get a ban. No matter how much money you have spent on the game.

Did you buy 60 dollar premiums before learning how to use radar missiles? If that’s the case then it’s totally your fault for not learning.

It is very frustrating to eliminate 11 enemies and be shot down 5 times, of which 4 were tk towards me, many mig23 premium

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We are in the simulator section, you can understand that it is in simulator mode

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Just asking to be sure

I did the same when I was first learning, in the FGR2, with the PD radar back then, it was really easy to do.

Others have already given information on how radars/IFF works. Do note, not all radars have IFF and not in all modes.

What aircraft are you flying out of interest?

Additional, you can always ping “follow me”. This will put your alt in chat and ping your location on map. Hopefully others should respond with the same. Meaning you should have a semi good idea who is where.

You can also make some judgement calls. So if you are near an enemy AF, then there is a better chance of it being an enemy over a teammate and vice versa if you are near friendly AFs. (but not always)

SB does have a learning curve. Accept you will make mistakes and you probably will get another TK ban. Just… be as careful as you can be and stick with it. One you get the hang of it, you wont ever go back to other gamemodes for air


.10% will forgive you depending of how you TK them

99.9% will not. some dont know how but most of them will get angry as hell (its hilarious all the things they write on chat)

If I’m in a dogfight and I get team killed, most of the time ill forgive them. But if I’m at high alt, with no one nearby and a friendly shot me with a radar guided missile (it’s obvious they didn’t use the proper mode to verify the IFF), i will not even enter in a defensive maneuver so they get the TK and ill not forgive them.

Some tips to avoid a future ban

  1. This is SIM mode, not RB or AB. Most of the time is less fast paced as those game modes were you now who is who.

  2. TK will always happen but you could reduce it quite a lot (no more bans at least)

  3. Keep calm. Never shot of panicking. You need to keep calm so you can plan your next move to enter in a defensive maneuver or attack position or maybe start thinking about a gun solution. if you panic, you’ll die a lot, and i mean a lot.

  4. Avoid all vs all servers. its better to have specific targets, till you know how to use the radar and rwr

  5. Careful with locking dogfights, radars are not perfect, if you try to lock someone very close to a friendly, you could end up locking the friendly target. Learn to cancel the radar lock so you’ll not kill them. That happens even on DCS. Radars can detect chaff and missiles, so yeah, careful when you try to lock someone.

  6. Learn to use the radar and all the differences between modes (SRC, PD, TWS, IRST, etc) ACM, and how the RWR works.

  7. Use the proper mode to verify if your target is friendly or foe before the hard lock, if your radar doesn’t has a mode with iff, then get close enough till you can be 100% that is an enemy. If you get nervous, then chose another target, choose your fights wisely .



Lol, just got banned for 24 Hours aswell.
Spent a couple of hours ingame and started kinda recently grinding air.

How can I identify enemy air via the radar only? Is is possible with the Draken?

Also, please Gaijin - dont put the same countries in both teams in simulator battles…