7,92 mm Pzb. 39 for Sd.Kfz.251/10

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I would like to suggest the addition of the 7,92 mm PzB. 39 to the Sd.Kfz.251/10. The 251/10 and some other versions were equiped with them along with 40 rounds. It would be given to the loader or commander who sit at the back in game, with free traverse and elevation, as its a shoulder fired weapon mounted in the AA/GP Mount at the back instead of a possible Mg 34 / 42.

This is possible, because the Mg 34 / 42 and the Pzb. share the same bipod and mounting system, as such the Pzb. 39 can simply clipped in it. This would take away the fire rate however give a massive increase in range, velocity and penetration, which can still be used against planes.

It would give it nice additional firepower along with a greater traverse of firepower as the basic 3,7 cm Pak L/45 is limited with aiming angles to the front.

Cince no such ammo is in game yet and small caliber isnt calculated it would recive 35mm penetration like in Gaijins Enlisted game, where it along its older brother the PzB. 38 can be allready found.

The Panzerbüchse 39 is the improved model based on the PzB. 38 which is instead fully hand loading instead of Semi automatic opening and ejecting of the casing. It was the further development in the interwar period upon the Tank Gewehr 1918 which used a 13,2x94mm round. It however was soon after the war with the growing development of tanks and their armor rather weak with a penetration of around 26mm, duo fireing a heavy round (heaver than .50 cal) at a somewhat low velocity of over 700m/s.

As such there were multiple ways to increase the firepower. More weight or more speed to increase penetration. However Speed at the cost of some weight is more efficient than more weight at the cost of speed (idk physics).
While the USA and USSR developed their 12,7x99mm and 12,7x108 mm ammo upon the german 13,2x94mm rounds to increase effectiveness, Germany and Czech took a different route. They decreased the round to 7,92 mm round to drastically increase velocity of over 1200m/s with germany creating the 7,92x94mm Patrone 318.

While easy to carry duo to its smaller size (compared to 12,7mm AT rifles) and easyer to use duo to its highe velocity it was relatively effective in the interwar period and at the beginning of WW2.
Light tanks from Poland, UK and USSR like T-26 and BT tanks were relatively good targets.
Even french light tanks could be penetrated including the R.35 and H.35/40.
However allready in 1940 it was found to be underpowered for the task and was mostly serviced out and modified to fire hollow charge grenades, creating the Granatbüchse 39.

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Here it is in the same mount on a differen vehicle:

The PzB. 39 fires the 7,92x94mm round at 1250-1450m/s (14,54-10,4g) of Ap(c)-T, Ap(c) and full steel with driving band Ap round. With 35-36mm penetraion (most certainly using the historic penetration instead of calculated duo to its size. And can by that penetrate most of the enemys the Sd.Kfz.251/10 allready in game can encounter. For more info about the ammo feel free to look at the informatic topic i created including the EW 141 which fire the same rounds and more about German WW2 Armarments of 7,92mm - 60 cm

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