7,7cm FK 96 n.A. L/27 WD Schlepper 50 Ps

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I would like to suggest the 7,7 cm WD Schlepper 50 PS. Funny name, what is it? Oh thats simple its a classical 1920 fully tracked tractor with some armor put on and a 7,7 cm FK 96 L/27 put on a 30° platform with gunshield on it. Crew of 2 1 build and put into service. Funny story, but similar to the Zis 30.

The Wehrmacht gave on the 08.10.1926 an order to Krupp AG to construct an SPG for a 7,5 cm Infantry gun. It was an civil Fully tracked vehicle to be used and a Gun with shield of 8mm with 15° traverse to each side as well as -10 and +40° elevation. The Hull armor 10mm and a max speed of 12 km/H. ammo was at the back in 5mm armored boxes.

The gun is the 7,7 cm FK 96 with about the same projectiles as the later 7,5 cm K 37 L/24 (the FK 96 were later also rechamered for 7,5 mm ammo which is based on the 7,7 cm ammo)

One He grenade was called Feldgranate 96 with a weight of 6,8 kg and 190g of TNT 465m/s and some ap performance.
The K.Gr. 15 with 7,1 kg 380 g amatol or 270g Pieric acid (in game x1,1= 297g, IRL x1,2=324g) and 465m/s
Screenshot 2023-07-26 184237

The L F.K.Gr. with 7,18 kg 930g amatol or 700g Pieric acid( ig x1,1=770g, IRL x1,2=840g) or 820g amatol with 75g Pieric acid. 465m/s
Screenshot 2023-07-26 184253

There was also AP grenades, just stating the 2 gameplay wise interesting:
The K.Gr. 15 m.P m.L with 7 kg, 230g filler fired at 465m/s, a tracer and 52mm at 10m
Screenshot 2023-07-26 184846
The K.Gr. 15 m.P. with 6,85 kg, 230g fille 465m/s, no tracer and 51mm at10m
Screenshot 2023-07-26 185616

The name is Kanonen Granate 15 mit Panzerkopf,
m.L. mit Leuchtspur
Bo.Pr Bohrgeschoß Preßstrahlform

10mm Hull armor all round

50 HP at 850 r/min



8mm gunshild

7,7 cm FK 96

15° left and right each

-10+40° elevation

around 10-40 rounds in 5mm ammo box at the back

6 ton

(Its so old its hard to find reliable info on it)
The far right black round with read tip is the Aphe K.Gr. 15 m.P.


Sources: Thomas L.Jentz, Hilary Louis Doyle - Panzer Tracts No.7-1, Panzerjäger (3,7cm Tak bis Pz.Sfl.Ic) Entwicklung und Einsatz von 1927 bis 1941

Walter J. Spielberger - Die RAD- und Vollkettenzugmaschinen des Deutschen Heeres 1870-1945


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