~7.7 heavy tanks desperately need a reload buff

All of these mid tier heavies shouldn’t be moved down but have their reload adjusted to cope with the faster meta at their BR.

Examples given are the stock reload but the same difference should be applied to aced reload times.

T32/T32E1 18.8s → 15s
M103 19.3s → 15.5s
Maus/E100 23.6 → 21s
IS-3 26s → 22s
IS-6 20.5s → 17s
IS-4M 27s → 22.5s
T-10A/T-10M 19.5s → 15.5s
Conqueror 19.4s → 15.5s


I agree with that one, the reloads on some of them are pretty pathetic, especially the Conquerer with its 120mm needle that has less post pen than a 47mm APHE round, and the T32 with only around 230mm of flat pen on a gun that otherwise performs about the same as the blimmen Tiger 2s 88 (that reloads in half the time)


The IS-3/IS-4M are much worse than the T32E1 as they can’t play as a medium while the T32 can and their reload is so long you spend half of the battle waiting for the gun to reload only to have it be a nonpen or having the APHE not detonating in a light tank. Solving the Conqueror problem would be easy by buffing its APDS and moving it to 8.0 or 8.3.


I am just going to put the “new” aced times as this is the reload rate that actually matters.
T32/T32E1 = 10.2s
M103 = 11.1s
Maus/E100 =15.6s
IS-3 = 16s
IS-6 = 12.3s
IS-4M = 17.3s
T-10A/M = 11s
Conqueror = 11s



I feel like the 7.7 heavies (for the most part) are pretty balanced. incredibly potent in the downtier, but ok in the uptier. the IS-4M for example is a tank that is pretty much only really held back at 7.7 due to the reload (in regards to other heavies). Heavies are meta in sim and in squadron battles, I don’t really think they need a buff. It’s more of a playstyle change than a tank change.


I think the answer is, as always, decompression. Adding some vehicles to both sides of the heavies while decompressing will provide a much smoother power curve.

The issue is getting gaijin to stop focusing on spamming top tier long enough to add a sizable amount of mid rank stuff.

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Those values are wrong.

The difference between fully aced and fully stock crew when it comes to reload is simply multiplication/division by 1.3.

As such the actual aced reloads would be:

  • T32s = 11.54s
  • M103 = 11.92s
  • Maus/E-100 = 16.15s
  • IS-3 = 16.92s
  • IS-6 = 13.07s
  • IS-4M = 17.31s
  • T-10A/M = 11.92s
  • Conqueror = 11.92s
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Fair point. He said to change the ace changed by the same amount so I just did that math.

yeah this is something i have been wanting for a while, a lot of these vehicles were added at a time where the long reload made sense purely for balance reasons but now they are kinda in an odd spot and could use some TLC.

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I don’t agree that most 7.7 heavies are in a good spot right now.
Yes, in 6.7 games you’ll be pretty strong but even there you’ll commonly find things that can deal with you without problems to the point you don’t feel like a heavy tank whatsoever. On the other hand, at 8.7 you’ll start seeing darts, LRF, stabilization, etc. and at that point you’re nothing more than slow sniper with meh rounds that needs ages to reload.

Even at their BR, most things you come across will not care much about your armor, so you’re basically paying the “heavy tank” tax without getting much in return.


Shortening the reload times by over 2 seconds seems a bit extreme, but I could be wrong and overall I agree with the idea. Maybe shorten them by half as much, let the game run on that for a while and go from there.

Maps are to small for heavy tanks, nddium and light are the way to go in modern WT 😆

But it’s needed. Tanks like the Tiger 2 or the T26E5 have at least equal or better armor at their BR than any of the 7.7 yet both can play like medium if they need to in an uptier. Tell me how an IS-4M or a Maus are supposed to do that.

Totally agree, most of the heavies 7.7 are abandoned since long time ago, the recent BRs changes was a joke specially after Gaijin infested rank 4 of HE and HEAT time travelers can easily one shot all heavies.
The problem is for Gaijin outside of top tier and glorify russia dont have interest in improve lower ranks anymore.


Decompression doesn’t work when they keep adding high caliber HE vehicles or low tier HEAT tanks. M109/2S3M/Type 99/AuF1 or even the M51/M50/M36B/… complete negate their armor, are more mobile, some reload 2-3 times as fast and you can’t even 1 shot them due to their weird armor profile sometimes not triggering APHE. The only thing that will help these heavies is a major decrease in reload time without changing their BR.

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The only thing they do is keep adding more Leopard 2s and T-80s while 90% of their playerbase is left to rot in the unbalanced mess of low to mid tier. Artillery should have never been added.


HE doesn’t work half the time.
Low and mid caliber HEAT are RNG on whether they will do anything at all or not.
APDS and APCR are effectively worthless.

There’s a lot more going on that make 7.0-7.7 heavies hard to enjoy.

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HE doesn’t work half the time.

Any half decently aimed shot with high caliber HE will oneshot.

Low and mid caliber HEAT are RNG on whether they will do anything at all or not.

HEAT will pen 100% of the time and at least disable if not kill the tank that gets shot at with the exception of the M103, Conqueror or Maus.

APDS and APCR are effectively worthless.

APDS and APCR (T32 APCR is amazing) aren’t worthless at all you just need to aim like with HEAT.

There’s a lot more going on that make 7.0-7.7 heavies hard to enjoy.

What exactly?

  1. Tell that to the T-34-85 that ate 3 direct hits to the turret side, with no damage, last weekend from my Paladin. HE does not work half the time. Don’t even try to gaslight me.

  2. Wrong. Low/Mid caliber HEAT can fail to do anything even on a post-pen. Again, gaslighting doesn’t work on me.

  3. Wrong.

Oh, I don’t know maybe these funny things called BR compression and garbage map design, to name two.

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