7,5 / 5,5 cm Pak 41 L/57 auf Pz III Ausf.F

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I would like to suggest this super rare and unique Field mod of a Turret less Pz III Ausf. F where one of the rare (only 150 produced) 7,5 / 5,5 cm Pak 41 L/57 was placed upon creating a mobile TD with a similar look to the Ho Ni I.

In game it would be the pinnacle of Sniper (Perhaps lowest Br 2.0 or up) with having just enove armor to withstand .50 cal, something more over range but having a gun with super high velocity and penetration at the cost of damage (its a 55mm Apcr or Apbc). It will get through anything with ease of aiming at most ranges, however will not withstand anything.

The 7,5 cm Pak 41 L/57 was the 3rd gun of the Gelrich Principal and was the contester gun to the Pak 40, which while lighter and with impressive penetration and velocity had 2 big downsides which lead to its downfall and only 150 were produced. These were the need of 1kg Tungsten Carbite Cores for the normal AP ammo as well as high barrle wear, which if ingnored resulted in rapid loss of velocity and accuarcy. It was first designed as a Tank and Anti Tank gun in form of the Waffe 0725, however while planned for the Vk 36.01 Series, never completed and only used as Pak 41, with exception to 1 mounted in an Pz III Ausf. L. Late War it was planned to complete the 10x Vk 36.01 (H) and arm them with the guns and use remaining Pak 41 ammo, however the factroys and hulls were bombed resulting in the loss of material and cancellation of plans.
1x Pz III Ausf. F was also converted into a tank destroyer by removing the turret and placing the gun with shield on the hull. Which this suggestion is about.

Other than that it was build in 1941 or 1942 on the eastern front is not known.
It appears to have lost its right track and then was abandond in travel position. (Allready snowed in.)
There were many field mods and official german production Workshop builds of both unique single example and small production of both fully domestic vehicles and guns as well as combinations of captured and domestic equipment to create new rolls, increase performance, increase service life or simply make it usable (looking at you H.35). There was generally also a rather lack of vehicles, often times AT guns and such were also still Horse drawn, which made such a bit more complicated and generally speaking simple field guns and AT guns are cumbersom (the bigger they get) to move around, need to be used in prepared positions and can get bogged down easily in muddy and snowy environments. As such there was also a great boom of full production SPGs and Field mod SPGs, such as this one, reuseing a refurbished and old Pz III Ausf. F hull without turret and putting a very powerfull AT gun on it, which itself was quite heavy allready with 650 kgs (for the gun). So such field mods (if available) were a well seen ability and improvement.

Pictures:(Click to show)

(The barrle looks odd, as it is in travel position, with muzzle cover and moved back further in the mount to reduce overhang.)


The Gun:
7,5 / 5,5 cm Pak 41 L/57
4 sec reload -10° to + 18° Elevation, 60° Traverse at 20°/Sec


Pzgr. 41 H.K. (Apcr) 2,6kg 28x111mm 0,90kg Core 1260m/s 216mm/10m

Screenshot 2023-07-18 175720

Pzgr. 41/1 (Apcr) 3,1kg 28x140mm 1,35kg Core 1170-1190m/s 247mm/10m

A different design using a longer (140mm) core resulting in a heavyer shell for longer range and better penetration. (1190m/s by russian tests.)


Pzgr. 41 W (Apbc) 2,5kg Solid 1260m/s 182mm/10m

Made from Softsteel, pushes through instead of piercing, more effective against harder armor.
Screenshot 2023-07-18 175750


Sprgr. 41 (He) 2,62-2,65kg 900m/s 186 - 200 g Fp.02 and H.5 (TnTa x1,31) (243,66g - 262g)

Screenshot 2023-07-18 175657

For more info and about other guns feel free to take a look at my Informatic Post about WW2 Tank, Anti Tank and other guns 7,92mm to 60 cm.

The Hull:
Pz III Ausf. F as allready found in game.
Crew: 5 (2 in the hull, then in the open compartment like Dicker Max and Sturer Emil 1 gunner, 1 Loader and the Commander with good view)
Engine: Hl 120 TRM (300 Ps at 3000 Rpm)
Speed: 71 km/h
Hull armor unchanged: 30mm front and side, 20mm back.
The Gunshield is 2x 14,5 mm plates with what appears to be side plates weldet on which could be cut away roof plate of 15mm.

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