7.0 prop spawn with jets

If 7.0 props have to uptire against jets then give them the interceptor spawn. At the moment by the time mk 24spit gets to middle of map the battle is nearly over.


Would also like to add it is a very big disappointment to work your way up to the spitfire mk 24 from spitfire ia an get stuck with jets and American props that are 6.3 and can out perform at lower altitude where most of the fighting is below 4k

Would like to make this into a petition, guys put your thoughts about this below

Well… I ended up playing a big chunk of Air Assault specifically due to this bird and the 8.0s. Without the engine and cannon upgrades you really are not worth much in those 8.0s. (As in full uptiers which were my first 4 matches in it, hence Assault).

I seriously recommend doing so if you need to spade it to usefulness. It saves you a load of SL albeit take longer, but then again quicker since in those 8.0s I couldn’t snag much.

Once spaded it does not feel as egregiously bad as at least you finally have decent performance (mk IIs at 7.0 still though!).

Of course Assault is monotonous, can be plagued by clueless or leeching players, and doesn’t teach you much about abilities in RB. I ended up spading the Swifts after, then the Kikka and the last two (on old tree setup) Japanese Interceptors, so Air Assault I am truly sick of.

Edit: also with the Kikka and mk 24 you get to murder waves of yourself, and being a chad I could almost take all 15 out solo in the 24 (since guns do not lock up in 4 shots unlike stock in RB).

I did have 1 really good SQB match where I 1vs2 2 Me262s in a Mk24. But it was hard work. I then tried it in ARB and my god it sucked vs uptiers. Its in a wierd place, that entire BR bracket is kinda messy. So prehaps some kind of variable advantage. Maybe not airspawn, that I think can turn low performance aircraft into OP aircraft. But what about a forward AF for props in those matches? So they physically spawn closer to the contact line

I play assult daily just for the booster and that experience is bad enough. The fact the have not fixed the USA bomber bug yet says it all.

Edit: btw daily loggin gave me 1mill sl and now i have swift which is very hard to spade atm. What a joke this game is, treated like its a job.

Gaijin should make some kind of super prop event with pumped up rewards that comes along so often.

Super-props need decompression.

The mk24 is such a great plane, it would bully 5.7s if it was lowered to 6.7.

So it’s kinda stuck where it is at the moment.

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