7.0 7.7 canot catch ai, WHY?

Either you put back 6.0 7.0 br or you fix your ai. I dont belive annyone tested this. Pls also fix your radar in sim, its broken since day1

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Mach 1 Jets in 1945 BRs are a very old issue…

Shouldn’t be a big thing to fix it, IF you haven’t abandon the game mode…


I’m getting into sim more and more, but pple are saying devs dont care about sim to much. Its verry sad because sim plane and tank are verry refreshing game modes when you played for so long.

You answered your own question. That is precisely why there are supersonic bots in 7.0 - 8.0 games, even if the aircraft in question isn’t actually supersonic, it can break the sound barrier by the power of magic.