6.7 US suffers

6.7 US Is hell, you mostly face soviets which can pen you but you can’t pen them. In addition, the super pershing for example Feels like playing a bad medium tank with a heavy tank mobility= everything one shots you while you have to Aim for weakspots with your Giant wobbly gun. Is this just a skill issue on my part?

So far 6.7 is my favorite BR for US ground.

The heavy tanks are super strong and so are the tank destroyers. The M56, M50 and T92 barely have any trouble penetrating any opponent they meet.

The M50 even gave me my first nuke.



M56 and M50

US 6.7 is also one of my fav lineups, it’s very versatile
M56, M50, T92, T26E1,T26E5 - you have here everything you need for all possible maps
Also 2 event vechicles at 6.7 with crazy good guns T30 and M6A2E1
3 very good mobility for its BR “tanks”, one sniping platform and one tank with an actually reliable armor
M56 is my most played ground vechicle, it’s badass, blows everything up with the m82 shot and then theres also 320mm pen HEAT available, you just have to play it right. Flank and always have some cover nearby.
M50 with HESH can kill pretty much anything, even an IS3 from the front - it can also overpressure things but you still should play it similary to the M56
T26 can pen panther’s upper plate and most of other tanks easily.
T26E5 its also golden, when it was 6.3 it slapped everything ,people got very salty about it and now it sits at 6.7, still very good.

Just spawn in the right tank on the right map - the m56 , m50, t92 work pretty much everywhere

For CAS or to shoot down others theres The P51H5NA - best superprop in the game - at 6.3

But if you want something more conventional step down 0.3 br, or lower, and build a lineup focusing on the 90mm cannon and the m82 round, not lolpen but one shoot fun.


Ok, played US 6.7 today, still love M50/M56 but wow, wayyyyy more losses than wins. Don’t get it but idt the tanks are bad, I like alot of them. Anyone else notice this?

It’s mainly to do with the teams. Expect a lot of losses with USA and Germany at this BR due to the much higher number of players. I don’t even care about WL because you literally can’t help it and we see too many people leaving a match even before halfway throughout different BR ranges.

As for the vehicles, USA 6.7 is a really meaty BR. You get the M50 Ontos, T34, Super Pershing, Jumbo Pershing, M56 and T92 for a massive range of playstyles. I used to think 6.7 was pain until I played 8.0 (which is now 8.3) and I sometimes drop down to 6.7 just to slap Tiger 2s with the Super Pershing.


It’s perma uptier now, 6.7 is rough for everyone but Russia and France, completely ruined the fun of that BR because of another poor attempt to solve issues without the ability to think ahead by Gaijin.

Lets remove the entire 7 to 7.7 lineup for some nations but leave some.

Yea, since i wrote this post i changed my playstyle a bit, since i only have the T26E5 And the super pershing i dont have much versatility. I gave up on the super pershing since playing it Feels like playing a bad medium tank with heavy tank mobility And Its not Worth the long 90 ( atleast for me). Switched go playing the T26E5 And my matches Are going way better. I have unlocked 2 vehicles but im broke (skill issue). As far as the teams go, they absolutely suck. But thanks for your reply, means a lot :)

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Most of my losses Are From bad teams, i rack up 6-7 kills And my teams is gone And im getting spawncamped by is3’s.

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Yea, but i dont have the light tanks ressearched yet, as far as the heavies go, the Jumbo pershing Is meaty, but the super pershing… Feels bad because i Always get oneshot And have to Aim for Tiny weakspots on almost all tanks. As the T-34 goes i can’t say anything since im broke And can’t afford it. Teams Are awful since most of my teammates just leave And Its like 3v7…

The super pershing will front pen any Tiger 2 on the turret face and that’s pretty much the bulk of your enemies right there. 6.7 is where you have to start getting used to having no armour to protect you, for what you have isn’t good enough against anything you face. The Jumbo Pershing will bounce a lot of shots in a downtier but uptiers aren’t the most useful.

Try playing from range with the Super Pershing and while hull down, ranging and popping up to take a shot then backing off. I had a lot more fun with the Super Pershing than I did the T34

Save up and get the T34. That tank is absolutely bonkers good, it makes the 6.7 lineup by itself. Just make sure you stay hull down. Only give them the front of your turret to shoot at and you’ll be golden.

The T92 would be your next priority. Whatever the T34 cant do, it can. You get HEAT or APDS, both of which are great and go through pretty much anything it faces like butter.

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Yeah I agree. It looks like you’re experiencing some pain because you don’t have the full lineup, but once you do… perfection. I am a big US 6.7 fan, it has all my favorite tanks and the BR is decent too. Used to be a pain sometimes in uptiers but now that the Leo, BMP and Marder have been uptiered the biggest problems are gone.

If you’re running 5 slots I would recommend T34, T92, T26E5, T26E1-1 and your pick of the M50, M56 or a plane. I love the T34 to bits, but it doesn’t have the front armor to resist big guns reliably - play to your reload and it’ll be great.

The US 76mm APDS got buffed with an extra 70mm of face pen, the post-pen damage is great and the T92’s reload is also good, so I can’t recommend that light tank more.

I personally don’t find the M56 to be that useful since it has no closerange utility and long-range survivability is meh. The gun bounces around a lot, takes forever to settle. Usually I will spawn that as a first spawn to avoid CAS, or use my M26 as a backup since I run 7 slots in USA.

So yeah, US 6.7 is awesome if you’re in the mood for it. It feels like a way station between the 5.7 pain zone and the high-tier tank pain zone - a forgotten fun BR.

6.7 is dookie man, you must love pain. lol

Why? The T34 is insanely strong, the T92, M56 and M50 deal huge amounts of damage to any opponent, CAS and CAP options are abundant. The only thing that is missing is an adequate SPAA. But besides that, the US 6.7 vehicles are among the strongest and most versatile in the game.

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Im trying to figure out a 6.0 to 6.7 usa lineup, does anyone have any recommendations?


  1. T34
  2. M50/M56/T92
  3. M42
  4. Any P-47
  5. Perhaps an attacker or an additional tank.

USA is one of the best nations in the game. If You suffer with it, then that is a skill issue.


T92 is 7.0 since last BR update.

My recommendations:

  1. T34
  2. T26E5
  3. M41A1
  4. M50 Ontos (could also swap for T26E1-1, M26, or M109)
  5. F8F-1B / P-51H / F4U-4B / F2G (any 6x plane except F7F)

If I only had 5 slots this is what I would run. Since I have 7, I run a different lineup.

T26E5, T34, M26, M41A1, F8F-1B, M4A3E2 76 W, M109A1.

I usually don’t take the M56 or M50 Ontos as these are specialized vehicles with less utility.

My setup is

T26E5 to smash in CQC
T26E1-1 to snipe from the hills.
T34 idk i don’t love to use it, i think to snipe too.