5000+ hours in War Thunder

well, the steam says I have spend over 5107 hours in this game. The game was not on the steam from the very begining, I play it since BETA, so 11+ years. That is quite a time. What to say about WT … to make it simple it is worse every year. Maybe I am old, maybe I expect form the games something they can not give me, I do not know. But I remember when I start with WT, it was only about AIR, this game is upgread of Birds of Prey, what I have played. I remember the old days, long battles in the skies, FuFu squad against CSAF squad. Zou need to understand, every battle was a challange, yous aw your enemy and you went for the win, outmanouver, outclimg, … it was so much fun, skill based.
When I look at the game now, I do not know if I play the same game. So much has changed.
This game has turned into never ending grind, this has impact also on the gamestyle of the players, and experience with the game. The game is boring, 90% of your team is just trying to get some points, in diferent ways, but not even one is reall teamplay. This game is turning people into egoistic, no matter what, frustrated humans. Just to make them pay, and if they explode because they can not hold emotions, the game will punish you.
There is no endgame, nothing to be waiting for, just another grind. There is nothing, no mode to play. Just random games with players, who needs to grind, are not patient, do not think well, just rush for the cap, die and do the same in another game. Yes they see only 5000 each game, and how many of this games they need to get in the top tier, so they can be useless there. Play 10 games, and start to grind another tree line.

I have spend 11 years with this game, played over 6000 hours. and I wish I had somebody who would say me 12 years ago, do not play this game, it has nothing to offer, just spendings : money or time.

As a veteran I will say this, the game had and has a very big potencial. But right now, it is waste of your time and money, do not start with it. I can not help my self, but my fellings are this, Gaijins greed can be maasured, the server status is very poor, the net code is 20 years old same as the game code. It is 2024 and we do not have demolition model in the game, only some old wolfenstein style, it is 13 years when EA showed us how to demolish skyscraper, but in WT you can not break a small stone wall.

In my opinion, the developers are not working on the game for players anymore, they are working on a game player have to play and spend money on it. I do not see anything from the side of Gaijin towards us, players. Economy changes? There are nor reall changes, they have lowerd the XP income, you will spend the same amount of time to grind the vehicle as before. I can talk about lot of mistakes in the game, helicopters their average XP gain per minute needs to be shit, but we have to earn 250k XP with it same as with ground vehicle. Some BRs and MM are ridiculous. This peaople do not play the game, they are just looking into excel sheets, and say to us, we are wrong.
There is nothing in this game, fun is here only 6 minutes out of 60, grind nebver stops, no reall teamplay ( language barier at the finest ), pings, servers, latency, net code, all is BS.

If I can recomend something to you, if you are new to the game. Do not expect much, and maybe think about it. From what I know now, I would never start with the game again, waste of time and money.

Sorry for my english, I hope you understand me.


This, 100%. I have genuine fun moments from time to time, but other than that the experience is mostly like you describe. Simply gathering points for the next shiny thing.

It ruins my outlook on life, and how I view my fellow players. When somebody else outruns me to the capture point, or kills an enemy I had in my sights I don’t feel joy at being closer to victory like I’m supposed to, but rather frustration of being robbed of “points” because I realize my grind has been ever so slightly prolonged. It seems I’m not alone in this regard, and the community becomes increasingly toxic because of it.

Some might say: “Then don’t feel that way then, just stay positive and play the game” but that isn’t so simple. The game is fundamentally built around grinding for stuff, and you will have a worse time when you don’t have the said stuff. Case in point stock grind for essential modifications.

Sadly this won’t change, as this is how they sell Golden Eagles, premium time and premium vehicles. It’s just so damn sad, that even me as an experienced player of 10 years, always playing with premium account, still struggles with the grind.

I happen to still have a negative review of this game, which I made a year ago now. I was hoping to change it to positive at some point, seeing the initial progress on the roadmap. Now however I’m not quite resolved what to think. Is the game really that much better than it was last year?

The grind is still a painful slog, that’s for certain. There’s just so many frustrating aspects about this game, and some of it seems deliberate. Can anyone at Gaijin say with good conscience that stock grinding for parts, FPE, and ammunition that isn’t useless is a good gameplay mechanic and in the interest of the player? Totally not another way to frustrate you so you cave and buy the mods for GE?

Yet we’re still here, because there’s no game like War Thunder.


I’ve done 2217 hours in less than 2 years.

The game doesn’t lost his potential but Gaijin is Gaijin,

And I can affirm this is true, and I’m one of them, you may find such toxic people in allied team that egoism is a way to earn something.

(off-topic) And people says that War Thunder is better than World of Tanks, both are fine but people confuses about both game’s purpose, one is arcade and other is just barely realistic because you can’t hit something for a millisecond and lose all your speed or maybe, the wheeled vehicle logic begin terrible at some point at higher speed the vehicle starts going left or right making it uncontrollable.**

No way Sherlock, If you didn’t said that…

This is a general situation but both Naval and Ground is in a worse situation. In Air, just a few kills will count a good percentage of a vehicle, in Helicopter grind, just kill 50 AI then you get a decent reward for a 3h match.

**: edit

I don’t think it’s them. It’s the game industry. There are people and companies that essentially force games to have to develop the way they do. Gaijin probably brings them in, promising to generate profits on their base game. The fact that there are ~6 currencies says it all. Loot boxes are vanilla compared to how advanced F2P schemes have become. I’ve seen the same things happen to other F2P games that are happening to this one. They are just slightly more relaxed on language and reporting than some other games. Maybe they learned from them.


It might be good advice to consider the game you knew as dead, and this the profit mode that happens to all successful titles. So it’s being milked into oblivion. They will run out of vehicles at some point, and hopefully they will have the sequel ready with even more advanced grind systems but with those wall collapse/shatter physics you asked for.


skipSVK - same story here.

I used to average and hope for 2K RP a gain. With skill reward I can average 4K RP a game.

Variable repair costs allow me to play any tier any vehicle efficiently and sustain enough SL to expert my next lineup.

Helicopter research is slow but it is a condensed tree. Helicopter modification cost was reduced when end of line RP multipliers were removed (this also effected other trees not just helicopters). To research helicopters efficiently you should use the toggle research option for ground vehicles and use ground vehicles to grind them. You can play a helicopter in your lineup on top of this allowing you to actually play the helicopter in the game mode it’s intended for instead of being banished to a PVE mode.

Absolutely insane to compare the game’s current economy to the economy prior to the review bomb. The only thing people continue to claw at was the multipliers being even higher than they are now, but they completely ignore that repair costs were 50,000+ SL making some vehicles entirely unplayable. The current economy is the most fair the game has ever had for F2P players.

“steam says” . That isn’t time spent in battles only, the majority of it is spent in the hangar, call it idle time. And that’s no real representation of your actual playtime.

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Yes ,I would pretty much agree,its an old dog that wont learn new tricks. In GRB it works ok up to 4- 5 BR as a simple WW2 shooter then it gets silly with a baffling era mix and then fails even as a simple WW2 shooter.


SkipSVK… I agree with pretty much everything you said. The game is no fun anymore and you can see a lot of veteran players are leaving. There are a number of Youtube content creators who have also left the game that have detailed all the ways in which the game is deteriorating and they all say the same thing. It’s only going to get worse.

There’s pretty much zero teamplay these days. Players are all out for themselves, including screwing their team mates over to get a few extra points.

There’s less and less strategy, tactics or “smarts” involved with Gaijin constantly modifying maps to force everyone to brawl in order to shorten match times and consequently keep queue times as short as possible.

Not much point trying to keep queue times short if people aren’t willing to queue for a game that isn’t what they want to play because of what it’s become.


11000 hours from 2015.

The updates that totally killed the game for me were Supersonic and New Power.

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After so much time playing I have reached the point that I already play without any motivation, the only thing that keeps me in the game is that I like planes and tanks, and being able to put historical skins on the vehicles. Play trying to do it well now It is impossible, so I play without worrying about anything, something that I still often fail to do, since the same game is continually dedicated to harming me with absurd rebounds and stupid damage that ends up causing my death, and that is something that despite Playing carefree ends up making me angry, since I hate that failed game mechanics interact with me so blatantly. I hope that one day they review the issue of damage and penetrations, because they are much worse than 11 years ago.


The game is absolute ass now. Can’t play more than 1 game without getting bored or altf4ing. Also have around 5000 hours


Take a break, come back to test the waters, move on to greener pastures (for yourself) if the same “issues” exist.

You can’t control what players do so accept being a minority or take the hint.

Been tempted multiple times to return but… nah, the OP has a few similar gripes and it spoils my personal enjoyment.

What will change in the game if he takes a break? Except the maps and they seem to change daily.The game offends older players more and more and they drop away.problem is i don’t think its going to go back to how it was two years ago nevermind 12



described my feeling, I invested a lot of time in this game because I thought it would reach the level it was capable of, but it seems like it lost its way and got worse, or that’s what I said, we got older and more demanding for this game

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Yes I agree, maybe for F2P it is diferent I do not know, I am paying player for most of the time. this was just my observation, how is the impact of new system on the research speed. SL gain is something I never had problem with.

I know what you are meaning. In my case , idle time, represents less then 2% of total time, I do not think I have spent more of that time on the toilet . And I also have palyed few year only with the client which is not counted in the steam, but that was not my point. I have used the steam time, because I saw it and then I analized what I got from the game in exchange for this time.

There are days, when I have some fun, but it comes from playing with friends and doing jokes on Discord, not from the game it self. Also there are battles, mosty in ARB, when I win a dodge fight, against 1,2 or 3 enemies. That is great feeling, but such game is 1 out of 20. 16v16 is killing the game for me, in top tier it is ridiculous.
It is sorry there is nothing like the WW mode, or big clan wars, or something . Boring is to play random match with random people, where 80% of them do not even understand each other bacause of language barier.

I have breaks, before when the events were only summer and winter it was better, but now with pernament event the gameplay is just BS. I do not blame players, it is problem of the event design.
I miss a mode for players who just want to enjoy the play on more tactical level and maybe more accurate, like NATO vs Warsaw pact, etc.

To be honest I know I will play the game and I do not leave it. I will have a break during the summer, or reduce the time in it.I still hope there will come a day, when Gaijin will be sold, or hire new people in the top managment. It is just what I feel right now, and why I am not able to recomend the game. In my opinion it is just not worth to begin with.


At least was fun for some time, you should not get feelings for an online game since these days games are more focused on money that on gameplay.
Happens here and in pretty much in all other games, the difference is that war thunder is the same game since start and other games just come with sequels

His perspective. A break is good if he truly dislikes it currently, rather than pushing on. And then decide after x time if it is still for him; come back or don’t.

Also the attitude/style of gamers might change again and fit more what he likes.

The only other option is to just keep playing and be frustrated. It is the players he is annoyed with, and the resulting changes from said players being a possible majority.

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