4 top tier battles after upgrade, 50% realistic

Gaijin after this update, I made so far 4 battles at 12.7br air, and 50% of my battles were on Golen Heights… so, why the airspawn at 12.7?

Again, if I wanted to play arcade I would choose arcade battle in the top menu.

I guess you just don’t learn… Or at least let me ban 2 maps so I can ban this one too.


I just had this happen, I think it may be left over from the dev server. I set up a bug report on it already, Golan Heights Airspawn // Gaijin.net // Issues.

Update, it is not a bug. They replied and confirmed it is a new map variant.

So not only are they not reducing player counts, they are actively making the problem worse by adding even smaller maps xD.

I think its time to uninstall.

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The airpsawn for Golan Heights is actually behind the airfield. It makes the map bigger, not smaller.

Enjoy your smaller maps in smaller games then.
I’ll stick in War Thunder where maps are large, and battles are realistic.