32v32 on larger Maps is what this Game needs


And with less punishment on respawning. Maybe like Battlefield where you can spawn several times but the Team as a whole has a limited amount of Spawntickets depending on the Caps owned by the Team (at least i think thats how it was).

But a GRB Game with only 16vs16 feels really lack luster and a 32vs32 / 64vs64 on larger Maps would also not make it feel so frustrating dying once or dying to CAS, it would allow for more powerful stationary / dedicated SPAA/AA to be added, more Howitzer to be added and the ability to actually play Artillery with those, basically just more of everything and possibiility to add in Vehicles and features which a 16vs16 on those small Maps don’t allow.

And larger Matches are just more fun and would also last a bit longer than just those 7-10 Minutes all the time.

And the Game here does offer the option to host a Map with a higher player count but restricts progression on it, maybe the ability to host a Map with official pre-set Gamerules which players can join through Quickplay or Server Select where you do can earn Progress would also be nice.

I would really appreciate if Gaijin would give it a thought or try at least - maybe it doesn’t need to be in forever and just as test to see how it is and if people like it and if not remove it but it would be glorius, it would make the Game so much better.


And CAS / Helis could also get a more powerful loadout quicker, unironically would make it so much better and fix so much by simply adding in larger Maps with a larger player count.

This would actually be pretty sick.

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you should make an actual suggestion, +1


I believe your idea has some merit, but has some hard flaws to it. People already complain about uptiers and adding more players to each game would require the matchmaker to be changed to balance that out. Games on the current maps can take absolute ages when it comes down to a 4v4 situation, and larger maps would make this issue worse. It would make finding people much more difficult and slow the games down too much. I would also think that the spawn camping issue would become even worse than it is now with more room to gather near the spawns.

No game hosted by a player should have progression/rewards. They have the normal servers for that and you can’t abuse the servers because of the matchmaker. It needs to stay that way.

No enplaced air defense systems would fit this game in any mode. Systems like PATRIOT, S400, or other emplaced air defense systems have too much range and are much to complex to ever be player controlled.

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Game isn’t over when everyone is dead but when the Points are up, if it takes ‘ages’ (a Match can only last 25 Minutes which isn’t even long), to finish a Match when thats due to no one taking care of the Objective(s) and 25-30 Minutes Match which is ultra-rare in this Game is actually the normal in most other MP Games. Here the default Match only lasts ten Minutes. Those short Matches are really annoying.

In the entire Time i have been playing i only twice had a Match which lasted 25 Minutes / was over due to the time up.

And i don’t think it would make finding people more difficult because you will also have more people on it and more players are more inclined to respawn instead of leaving after one-death as is now the case.

And why shouldn’t player hosted Maps have progression? Again no problem in any other Game offering this feature and also the prefered way of the Community and as i have said it would be with official Rules and not custom ones, custom ones already exist.

Theres more than just those for AA.

Imo the Up/Down should only +/+ 0.7 anyway however as of now being in a full Uptier means you get 4 +1 people on the enemy Team if it were 32v32 and we just double it from 16vs16 means 8 at +1 and imo it would be less of a problem in larger Matches on larger Maps having to face a few +1 Vehicles.

All of it works totally fine in other Games as well so why not here?

The Game definitely needs some fresh Air as well. Its been the same Gamemode with the same amount of people on the same Maps all Matches done for in no ten Minutes since it exists

Most casual players don’t want games that last 25-30 minutes. Driving around the map isn’t the fun part of Warthunder, killing other vehicles is. Shorter games allow more action within a shorter timeframe to keep interest. Look at Air RB vs Sim. Air RB is much more fast paced because there are 16 players in the smaller map and there isn’t massive empty spaces that people can hide. You can fly for a long time in Sim and not even get a radar contact and it gets boring very quickly. Same concept.

It depends on the size of the map, if it is too large then it will have those large gaps in which you will be able to drive for a long time with no enemies. See what I said about Air Sim. Single death leaving is not at all about being inclined to respawn, and is a completely seperate topic than this.

Because it can be abused by players. Even with official rules, you could have a squadron host a game in which they only invite their own players and then coordinate to make large gains in progression. People have already done it in official Air Sim games where they would coordinate and line up multiple planes on an airfield to be killed by a single player for points. Lobbies without the matchmaker can allow this as you can invite who you want in the game and then abuse it.

Do tell about all these other AA platforms. I said Patriot, S400, and other emplaced systems. Gaijin has already done well with the mobile SPAA platforms.

Doubling the system doesn’t mean it will work the same. Doubling the amount of players, players at +1, and map size doesn’t mean the matchmaker is going to do well with it. It’ll struggle to make games outside of those popular BRs.

What other games? Not Wargaming’s titles, so what other games that are like Warthunder have all of this?

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I don’t think that’s really the case. Plenty of people enjoy the longer matches. It’s common in a number of other games as well.

If you want a game that’s also popular that truly involves this, go checkout Arma lol. One week later… 🤣

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What this game needs is an entire restructuring of the maps and its game modes, I don’t think 64v64 or 32v32 would be fun given the amount of CAS it would spawn in the air.

I think a frontline style game mode would be a better idea, it would allow for big maps while also keeping the game in constant action and it would solve the biggest problem of big maps in my opinion, the driving. Dying in a big map can be daunting, given that you have to drive all the way to spawn to wherever the action is.

So in my opinion, Gaijin could simply put cap points near the mid-section of big maps where players can respawn on as a test of a basic frontline implementation.

Oh no- you said the A word…

Though that said - been playing Arma since 2006.

Yet are the same people who go into customs and play custom events that last significantly longer. Needless to say 32v32 isn’t a bad idea however the question is how do you balance it out is to be determined. Aside that this is a discussion thread not a suggestion.

I don’t even know when I started with Arma.

Was with Arma II, which I still sometimes enjoy more than III.

Everyone is so focused on balance but it’s never going to be. Nothing about this game is actually balanced. That word is just a buzzword in this forum, but it truly means nothing.

Arma isn’t like Warthunder. When you say that “other games have this” and they aren’t in the same genre as Warthunder it doesn’t really matter much. Infantry games with vehicles are completely different than strictly vehicle games. Even Enlisted handles vehicles differently than Warthunder and they are both Gaijin titles.

Casual players aren’t the ones spending hours on end in custom battles that earn them no progression. Spending multiple hours on a single game of Warthunder could hardly be called casual.


There are plenty of games were map traversal and vehicles combat take a considerably long time. People still enjoy it. Not EVERYONE has to enjoy every idea. A few people on this forum exist to literally just sit there and say no…

There are plenty of those games, and then you have games like Call of Duty and Rainbow 6 Siege where you’re on top of people 24/7. The neat part is you’re right, not everyone has to enjoy it. The average player does. And I can almost guarantee that the average player of Warthunder doesn’t enjoy driving, sailing, or flying around for long periods of time with nothing happening. The players of Arma, DayZ, and any other game with long travel times can enjoy that, but that doesn’t mean the Warthunder community will. Making such a large change is a huge risk because fundamental changes like massively shifting gameplay can drive away your average players.

Making the game mode shift to that specifically is an issue, yes. Adding additional modes and features is not a risk. You are absolutely right in that aspect.

It would be absolutely stupid to eliminate the existing modes. Adding new features and things to try will only benefit the game. Giving people more freedom to enjoy and experience the modes they want to is a huge win for everyone.

I’d like to see SIM get some love like this.

+1. I want more chaos :D

That would be neat to see in Sim. I think Sim could implement alot of things, I wish Ground Sim worked more like Air Sim in alot of ways. But I am speaking about this in the context that the OP began with.

This is for Ground RB. He specifially mentions that. That IS a large gameplay change and would be a massive risk. That is why I’m discussing it as a primary mode change, because the OP began the thread with that. I am all about new ideas and changing up the gameplay, but this is a huge step that shouldn’t be taken. Increasing player counts to 20 would be a good start. Limiting WW2 vehicles to smaller maps and keeping more modern MBTs for larger maps would be great. But doubling the amount of players and increasing the map size to something bigger (don’t know how big, he doesn’t specify) together so suddenly would be a bad move.

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