32v32 on larger Maps is what this Game needs

What I’m suggesting is that we would treat this like night battles. You could opt in to large battles, or occasionally opt in, etc… primary ground RB would remain the same. Perhaps also increase rewards for longer battles to keep the activity like in sim, but also punish for leaving or inactivity. Like lock someone out for the full length if abandoned.

See, that sounds like something that would be a decent idea. That would allow people to have a choice on smaller battles or the larger ones, and wouldn’t cause a huge shock to the community. I would honestly give it a try because I 100 percent think that MBTs need larger maps to begin with.

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This wouldn’t be a bad idea but the player count per side needs to be 16v16 guaranteed otherwise it wouldn’t really work well

We have a few good examples of larg-ish maps. Mostly in the desert, and I can understand if that’s the environments we are limited to for things like this. I can imagine larger urban environments will definitely present issues with performance in ground with this many people.

I’m aware. You’re as knowledgeable on it clearly given its been years with little to go by.