30mm APFSDS sound like MGs

I was just in a match at 10.0, where I was engaged by a BMP-2M whose 30mm APFSDS sounded much like a MG. I didn’t expect to be being attacked by a BMP as I had heard what sounded like a 7.62 or 12.7mm MG, not a 30mm. I recall watching a video on this subject however I cannot seem to find it on YouTube. In summary, the 30mm APFSDS rounds hitting tank armor and sounding like mg rounds can really confuse players and is a major bug in my opinion.


I noticed it too. Every time I hear those shots I turn around thinking it’s a mg but it’s a puma/2s38/bmp

This is a serious issue. You cant really tell what’s firing at you because of this bug

Two people have reported it on the issue platform



The bug will be fixed in the upcoming patches they said

ah ok thanks for the heads up

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they fixed the bug