30 games = 20 losses as israel no matter how good i play

…my team keeps losing whenever i play israel. It puts me always in a losing team no chance to get my stock grind of the LIC done. i am ranked 1-5 mostly, do 20 to 30 k SL despite losing but my team always sux, do not use the chat or simply do not react to pings. Why is it i get teamed up always with such folks? As soon i play sweden where i have nothing to grind its mixed outcome playing russia mostly win. So wht the hck is going on here?

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You can make a quarter of that team, yours, by merely squadiong so they do listen to you…

And if you think about it, what if they think the exact same about you? You don’t listen, you don’t respond to thier pings, you’re not saving them, so why should they have even tried saving you if you weren’t going to save them in the first instance?

I would listen if they would freakin use the chat, its mostly empty! not a single ping or need support or such, now you hear “Air” sometimes times with no angle whatsoever.

thats how it looks like days!!

And you didn’t noticed you allways play against Russia? ;)
Also enemy team is capturing points more times than yours.

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…yea its the russians as always…

The thing is: This game is giving me the worst teams over and over again. Started to play right now and the first 5 games already like:

The game needs to improve teamplay a little. More rewards for team actions are needed. Would make playing different roles on the field more viable.


perhaps we should look at the societal reasons of no teams, anti-social behavioral traits run high these days. Not pointing fingers just saying the well runs deeper than a game mechanic.


I feel you.

Mind you I’ve been playing arcade as Russia in air but this evening got home from work.

Hopped on.

First game, 12ish kills 3 deaths top player on both teams. Loss.

Play another game, 8 kills 2 deaths. Loss.

Play another game., ditto.

Finally won because I finished researching can a ground attack plane and I just said “fine I’ll do it myself!” Ended up with ~8 kills and 12 ground targets destroyed finally ekking out a win. The amount of people who just did absolutely nothing or left the first time a plan was destroyed…

Or my personal favorite 4-5 planes chasing one enemy then crashing into each other… sometimes I wonder.

Most players focus on making frags, but in the meantime you can win the battle by destroying the ground AI.
You can’t explain it to some players.

The 3rd image shows how much Gaijin boosted the Soviets 🤣🤣.

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Happens to me constantly and with every nation. Finish ranked 1-3 almost every game and my place relative to the team is calculated at 77% but my win percentage regularly drops. Have had streaks of losses like 18 of 20 games and it gets pretty frustrating. No matter what you tell people in chat they don’t listen. They just charge solo straight at groups of 8 or 10 well entrenched enemy tanks, get slaughtered and do it all over again. You tell them to flank, they ignore you. You ask aircraft to take out the guy out wide who’s sniping and killing a bunch of the team, they ignore you. Players aren’t interested in winning matches. It’s all about completing tasks and they don’t care how long it takes, they’ll just play like freakin’ Lemmings over and over to grind whatever they need. No wonder they never get any better. The intelligence of the average WT player must be in the single digit IQ region.

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Got same thig for germany 7.3 GRB

I don’t know what to tell you Soviets are stacked. I just started my Israel grind and I’ve been running into the Russia/Germany Teams a lot and it makes me sad.

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exactly this and theres also one major point:

When i play russia my self i do it like the most of the team does it: Just Blitzkrieg! even if you run into another player and he shoots first all it does it gives away his position and do little to no harm to my self and i have at least 6 seconds to aim properly until he has reloaded, thats 90% of all encounters. For expample i am in ISrael merkava, i see one of those blitzkrieg russian head on first i barely one shot or even do any damage and if he replys with a shot on me i am either dead instantly or any shot to my turret kills 1-2 crewmembers and gun breach, horizontal/vertical drive broken or such and renders me completly useless till he reloaded and give me the rest. Thats exactly i have happening mostly vis versa.

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I must admit, Israel nation in Ground its a difficult grind, and i have all nations unlocked at top tier (apart from Israel), i only find it fun and rewarding when I’m with 2 or 3 more of my Clan players.

Hopefully the recent SL / RP Economy changes will make this grind a little more bearable

I am the same, Israel is the only nation i have in game where i am not top tier for ground and planes, and its because the grind is arguably the worst in game. Its basically copy paste city so your playing the same 3 tanks all the way through, no variety just more of the same and most of the tanks are meh, not helping matters

It’s no coincidence that so many people complain about this problem, and it’s shown that it happens most often against Russia. The game is rigged towards Russia it’s as simple as that. Every game is a struggle pretty much. There’s exceptions where it’s not. Too many examples for it to be otherwise.

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I don’t think it’s any coincidence that when you play mid tier you come up against teams with hordes of T34s and KV1s. Players all know about the Russian bias and try to capitalise on any advantage they can get by using largely Russian vehicles.

As someone who is a US main that is working on Russia. Non Russia players have a massive skill discrepancy. Russia mains are better. Bias is an excuse for shit players.

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thats simply not true its the other way arround due to a important human factor combined with overpowerded russian armor:

As russian u disable ur brain and go straight in fearlessly and wait someone spots you and shoot at you that you simply shrug off and take your 6 seconds reload window of the oponent that unveils his position for a shot without a major effect and let you aim properly as answer and one shot him.

As any other nation, perhaps besides sweden, everyone trys to play smart, is scared and looking for a sniping spot, not rushing to a cap, trying to make traps and always get “blitzkrieg” rush and runover by the playstyle mentioned before.

Now with the new economy people are now able to counter at lest with keep spawning tanks since russia was the cheapest nation with the mosts tanks to spawn in the same class.

Just watch 20 replays and see how each side starts the match and youll see exactly the very same scenario on any map!

Conclusion: Russian T80/90 are just redicolously overpowerd so as thier KA50/52 (flying around for another 45 seconds to kill 3-4 more tanks despite the fact the whole crew is dead already) or the Pantsir and SU´s

Yep there is also many beginners on non russia with lacking skills but there is aswell at least the amount of those on russia just due the fact everyone knows and is talking about russian bias…

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