This vehicle over performs at its current BR as both SPAA and anti-tank. It should be moved to 10.3 / 10.7 at minimum.


What aspect does it overperform in?

What do you believe would justify its movement to 10.3-10.7, and face off against 11.3-11.7 vehicles?


how about the fantasy he-vt ?


The SPAAG? Its fantasy HE-VT that it was specifically designed to implement? The HE-VT shell, 3UO8, that was present at arms expos?

Yeah, sure, I bet that’s totally fantasy.

I bet you’d think 3UO7 is some mythical godlike weapon, too…

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The 2s38’s only comparable rival at 10.0 is the 9040s, and as it stands, it’s firepower is vastly superior in almost every regard compared to the 9040s.

Combine this with superior optics and the ability to auto track aircraft and the 2s38 is just a better 9040 at the same BR.


Its ability to penetrate main MBTs with ease and its tracking accuracy against fast moving planes / helicopters with proxy shells.

No other light tank at its BR has access to IRST tracking + proxy shells.

not a REAL HE-vt like bagel has
More comparable to AHEAD but since its russian it gets fantasy treatment


And it doesn’t overperform here? It has comparable pen with the HSTV-L, though it sits with horrible post-pen performance.
Tracking accuracy has no bearing on an SPAAG that relies on dumb direct-fire munitions. If it had missiles to guide specifically, that may be an aspect to look at, but this is on-par with every other gun-based SPAA at its BR-range.

No other vehicles have followed the doctrine that the 2S38 has. Name me one other vehicle, barring the Bagel, that follows the trend of diverse target combat.
Well, STRF 9040C, OTOMATIC, M247, and VEAK excluded…


And what BR does the HSTV-L sit at again?

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Yes, it is.
No, it isn’t. Your own linked thread admits that 3UO8 is a proximity fragmentation munition, and is on the topic of poor implementation of AHEAD, no 3UO8.

He himself says that the reason why it isn’t a “true HE-VT” is because its burst range is dictated by laser ranging, not proximity. Even then, the statement was made on the basis of 3UO6.

But please, link more topics. I’m sure you’ll be right if you account for the rate of failure of your own links contradicting you.


11.3, while being faster, smaller, arguably more protected, and having a better APFSDS.

There is no comparison between the two, though. They’re 2 entirely different vehicles meant for 2 entirely different tasks.


Okay the HSTV-L is 11.3

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The 2S38 isn’t classified as an SPAA ingame. It is classified as a light tank. There is no light tank at its BR range with IRST tracking and proxy shells.


And is the HSTV-L known for its amazing and competitive 75mm subcaliber APFSDS? No?


No other vehicle followed the ADATS doctrine it’s still placed at 11.7, what is your point?

M247 and VEAK are SPAAs which do not have APFSDS

OTOMATIC is 11.7

Strf 9040C does not have IRST.

reread again and think a moment before you say something

so what ? he says in the first post that both work on the same principle but the russian one get’s handled as he-vt

hard to read i guess :-/
but ye keep trying to make things up and quote only what you like xD


The HSTV-L has not been moved down in BR. Gaijin has access to player data and has deemed its BR appropriate.

The only reason behind in-game classifications are SP values.

Again, there is no other vehicle like it. It’s a new-age versatile system that isn’t even in service yet.
Look at SPAA, though, and you have other vehicles that have comparable attributes.


The 2S38 is classified as a light tank and is balanced around being a light tank.

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