2S38 Should go at leaaast 10.3

This thing is beyond bs at this point , ricocheting 460mm pen apfsds in the face , while it’s 225mm dart 1 shots me . It’s beyond OP at this point , it has everything fcking kit in the game and of course the magical Russian fuel tank that absorbs damage and nothing more


Shooting at a highly angled plate is never a good idea, 2S38’s UFP included.

Fuel tank issues aren’t Russia-only problem.

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It should go up to 10.3, but the reasons you listed apply to lots of vehicles.

and yet they benefit the most from it
Meanwhile leclerc? dies 9/10 times from fuel explosion…


I’m just stating the facts mate.
I just want bugs removed, regardless what nation(s) are affected and benefit the most from it, it’s pretty simple.


playing any other nation but USSR from 9.0-11.0 is just facing 2s38 + t72turms, and its really annoying because the 2s38 can throw darts like no tomorrow


clearly 2s38 just as bad as the puma or bradley on 10.0 lol xD

He was being sarcastic.

Bro, APFSDS doesnt bounce, it shatters.(not in this game tho) and if you wanna tell me that a ifv made out of sheet metal is able to “bounce” a modern APFSDS that travels at 1700m/s. i call massiv BS that stuff would fly through that thin layer with ease. but not in this game.

and since im playing the abrams i have to say, their fuel tank just doesnt matter what so ever. spall everywhere. russian small fuel tank funnily acts like damn sand bag. like WTF is this trash programming.

I die so many times in my Merkavas because of ammo detonation its not even funny anymore. the T series tanks sometimes eat so many god damn shots in the ammo its insane. i dont know if its actual “bias” or just incompetence paired with indiffernce?!


Russia’s fuel tanks are interior, US’s are exterior.

The coding is Gaijin intentionally not adding spall liners which would absorb some if not all from a penetrating shot instead rounds keep going and produce the same splash each time they penetrate a new sheet of metal.

Not only darts. youre literally able to kill planes helis and drones from around 7km aways with the proxy munitions… that thing is the better HSTV-L on a way lower BR. i have it too and its absolutly insane… but gaijin refuses to make the HSTV-L better nor to bump up the 2S38s BR to at least 11.0…

The BMP2M should go up as well. also to at least 10.7… these things are just way to good.

bUt ThE sTaTIsTiCS aRe So BaD oN tHEsE ThEy HaVE To hAVe a lOwER bR… dumb bullshit excuses


Can we at least give it limited APFSDS ammo treatment other vehicles get for balance?


BS is uselss as an AA

At least they are not a problem when i play my abrams. Faced about 5 of them in a match last night and one-shot all of them via center mass shots.

Hardly. IRST and high velocity, high caliber HE-VT with a generous trigger radius. It is quite literally superior to the OTOMATIC except for lacking a search RADAR, and that’s a dedicated AA at 11.3.

Compared to the other 10.0 autocannon light tanks, it’s the only one that combines IRST with (functional) proxy rounds, and while it’s not enough to consistantly counter standoff range munitions, it’s totally competant against dumb bombs and closer ranged SACLOS weapons, which is somewhat common at 10.0.

Keep in mind, this is a secondary role for the tank. It’s still arguably the best of the 10.0 autocannon lights in it’s primary role of engaging tanks. The fact that it’s the best AA as well is what people are irritated by.


BS, you dont have it and you dont play it. Good luck hitting any plane, since last updates it got nerfed heavily as an AA.

Shot the 2s38 center mass, head on, close range at the bigger frontal plate, with a m774. Absorbed, only damage was the fuel tank. BS

Its fire rate and potentcy compared to the hstvl is just absurd

skill issue on your part then. this thing literally kills drones from 7,5km away same with planes.

why is this thing 10.0??

its literally better than the otomatic, hstv-l and any of the 9040s!
while being at a lower BR (otomatic/hstv-l) or being at the same BR as the 9040s.

stupid arguing about busted shit.
its way to powerful for its current BR and can easily go to 11.0 and still do more than fine

7 km away HAHAHAHAHA, if you dont have it and dont play it you dont know anything and your just a russian vehicle hater.