2s38 is underpowered for br10

The 2s38 needs br 9.0

u want to talk about my eggs now?

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100% bait.

Elaborate on why, and compare it and it’s capabilities to similar tanks.


is not a tank, is an SPAAG

You’ve got to be trolling, that vehicle needs to be 11.0.


No it needs to be br 9.0

I see why you want it lowered lmao


same thing, you know what i meant

Why do you think it should be lower?

other stat lover

you can’t go and claim something like that, and then not expect people to check your stats.


The numbers are like that cause of the last discount. It got an influx of noobs that know its good and half of them do terrible with it.

Nope I purchased it at full price

The vast majority of wt players don’t care a ton about stats.

Why do you think the 2S38 should be lower? You still haven’t answered my question.

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He might be a troll, if his past racial remarks and his name isn’t enough to tell you, then what will be?

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Yea, it makes sense

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Probably either a troll, 12 year old, or both.


That thing sucks from what I hear.

Dude i’m not even good at the game, but you clearly aren’t either
The 2S38 is widely regarded as handheld af
It needs to go up, not down

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Crying about a vehicle that’s widely regarded as OP meanwhile you have like bottom 10% stats isnt “stat whoring”


It has to go down in BR not up