2S38 is too OP for BR10

IMO It is a bit better because:

  • it is over all smaller vehicle
  • it has better mobility (hp/t ratio, reverse speed, turning radius)
  • it has better optics (magnification & placement)
  • it has missile
  • it has slightly better RoF and Pen

And M1128 has some issues which SprutM probably does not have:

  • Gunner sight is placed low, hull is blocking forward view:

  • commander sight does not have the offset compensation and good portion of the forward view is blocked by that useless .50cal gun shield.

Both are undertiered, further example of the light tank hand holding. The 2S25 gets 3BM42 at 9.3 for example, whilst the MBT’s of 9.3 only get 3BM22.

These ‘light vehicles’, act and play as tank destroyers, getting more competitive rounds than their comparative MBT’s but get the spotting and scout drone bonuses of light vehicle’s too.

Except its a 125mm gun vs a 105mm gun which is substantial, and its a lower BR lol

the caliber difference doesnt make it any better by itself… the difference between the m900 and 3bm46 is like 20mm extra pen, it is not that much difference, it is only an advantage if you use heat or he, otherwise these two guns are really similar

So can the wolf pack. Maybe the wolf pack should go to 13.

That’s not a good reason. The VBCI-2 is at 9.7 and it can’t pen the front of most tanks at 7.7BR.

I fully agree that the 2S38 needs a dramatic increase in its BR. We’re talking about an amphibious vehicle that still manages to have a plow. Second generation thermals, for both commander and gunner. Laser range finder AND laser warning system. Oh, and a UAV. All in support of a gun that can spray-and-pray through the front of MBT’s with a .5 second reload. Even if its first shot doesn’t kill them, the next 20 will dismantle whatever it looks at - all while the target is blinded by all the smoke and explosions of it.

Kekwait…… why you hating 2s38?
That’s a bad tank on 10.0
Max B.R. 9.0.
But if all players who hate 2s38 want up br, hmmm up rank all light car. Freccia-11.7 (ATM)
Puma -11.0
If lynx -11.7
Hah. Wrote complete nonsense without affecting the rise of other tanks.

Thats not true at all. Otherwise the US wouldve used M900 and 105mm for much longer, its almost even more pronounced for KEPs. Having a larger mass KEP helps in so many ways, and youre not even accounting for angle penetration. A heavier KEP will have substantially more KE and post pen damage

who said that the us stop using the m900? they switched to the 120, on the abrams, they kept using the 105 to this day, and in game both have identical damage, and i dont think that it has gotten a replacement so the booker will keep the m900

Good thing the booker isnt meant to kill tanks though!

And on that note, really neither is the M1128 MGS.

The US does not use the 105 for tank killing, it uses it for fire support. I dont understand what semantics you are trying to disect here.

Irregardless, a 125mm KEP will always be substantially more effective than a 105mm KEP

Yes, I killed M1A2s and 2A6s with ease. 11.7 tops.

TAPNA has even more pen

The 2S38 is an AA vehicle in real life. The closest vehicle is compares to is the OTOMATIC which is an 11.3 SPAA with limited dart round capacity.

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They should limit 2s38’s apfsds rounds as well. That should fix most of the problems. Limiting it to 100 rounds would be enough.

The capped rounds are good enough for Anti-Tank killing. If you really want to fix the problem, just remove the made-up dart round altogether.

Isn’t that a real round?

As far as I’ve been told, the round is basically made up.

It might have one, but we know nothing about it to my knowledge.

It doesn’t make sense to me for a vehicle shown off as an AA to be dealing with tanks primarily.

3UBM22 does exist.



But whether 2S38 had this round is debatable since it’s a spaa. It may have apfsds rounds but certainly it wouldn’t carry that many apfsds rounds in real life

I figured it would exist, but I’d never seen it.

You don’t get a sense of scale for the calibers in this game until you see the shells next to people lol

But yeah, I think the round should be heavily limited.

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