2S38 is too OP for BR10

I cant play even at br 9.3 without meet 2s38 , this light is for br 11.3 not 10, i have this before this crazy sells with half of his price, now all spamming with him, is too acurate for a light and is too OP against other lights at BR 10, most of the light tanks dont have even thehrmals but 2s38 have termals at lvl 3 . I pay gold for him but i dont like to play againt him like now when all spamming with same tank in all battles. Battles at br 9.3 become a nightmare .


It definitely could be a higher br but it’s a premium so that’s likely why it’s lower.


yep, should be 11.0 at least


Have you tried using it at top tier?

It can’t make it through the front of most tanks at 11+

10.3 tops


your point is ? puma is 10.0 and can’t pen most 8.0 from the front so ?
Same for the m3a3 bradley…
yet the 2s38 is leagues? better because of russian magic

Well done flagging? my post


2s38 can go through most top tier mbts easily, and the rest with some precise aim


I’ve played the game since 2015 but go on.

Also don’t have nearly every premium.

Through the side, yes. Occasionally you can kill from LFP.

Every top tier game I play I see the 2s38.

If it wasnt able to compete I wouldn’t see it every single game.

The proxy shells are also extremely effective against helicopters at all BRs

It could be at 11.0 with no problem


Ngl, I play at 11.0 and that thing can front pen me (T-80U), so yeah, this has been talked about for a while.


Go play AB = no thinking and assistance with spotting weak spot.

That’s about all I ever bring it to top tier for, personally.

It’s painful to play in a top tier lineup though, when trying to kill MBTs. I don’t really attempt to do so. Would rather be in the Sprut.

I could see a BR bump to 10.3-10.7, along with adding IRST for the HSTV-L to make it’s BR more reasonable. But consistently seeing top tier tanks by putting it at 11.0 only serves the purpose of making sure people don’t want to play it, IMO.

this thing is without a doubt the most undertiered bs together with the bmp2m …
I wonder why ;)


The same reason the CV90105, WMA and Wolfpack are lower BR than they probably should be. To handhold new players, give them an unearned advantage, and make $$.


but takes 2s38 to top tier when russia has 3 t-80, t72b3 t90 pantsir and mig 29s
thx for griefing

You’re the one who decided to insult me for having a differing opinion.

Is using a tank in the game for it’s intended purpose griefing, or are you just whining for the sake of it? You do realize I have every Russian ground vehicle and every crew slot including GE spots occupied, right?

Also, calling that griefing is analogous to saying the 2s38 can’t hold it’s own at top tier.

you can easily lfp ariete, challenger 2, merk mk4, and type 10. Abrams you can go through the turret ring. Leopard 2’s you can go through the very bottom of the lfp, gun mantlet or drivers port, and it can go through the lfp and drivers port of soviet and chinese MBTss


How is it any different than the CV90s at 10.0?


Go play AB = no thinking and assistance with spotting weak spot.

Literally without fail, every single time, I’ve found someone badmouthing AB and how “easy mode” blah blah it is, I check their profile, and they have a several % lower win rate in AB than in RB 😂 yourself included.

Maybe you should manage to actually not do worse in a mode before declaring how easy it is.

(In reality, all PVP games ever, in any context, are equally difficult, because any and all tools, barriers, handicaps, etc. you have also apply to the other guy. Weak spots are harder to miss? Sure, but that also means the other guy won’t miss YOUR weak spots, which makes the mode harder by precisely the same amount on average that it makes it easier, and cancels out. etc. etc. Both/all modes are exactly as hard as each other)

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Well it gets about 50mm more pen, is faster, is arguably more survivable (less raw armor for a way better layout), has a larger ready rack, has access to aphe, has better hevt, has better optics, ect. Basically name it and 2s38 probably does it better. The only thing I can think of that cv90 100% does better is it has about double the fire rate