2S38 is too OP for BR10

Eh. you’re really reaching to be honest which is why it’s fine at 10.0. It does get 50mm more of pen which is mostly moot as your are generally on the flank firing at side and rear armor, in this case it’s better to have a faster ROF than more pen. The top speed is the same and the acceleration is also essentially the same. The ready rack of the CV90 is actually more. The 2S38 has a giant hitbox of ammo in it and the crew sit shoulder to shoulder making it significantly more easy to kill while the CV90 has a split crew, smaller ammo box and the engine up front that likes to eat shells, not to mention the composite armor. The other CV90 variants add radar and BILL missiles, neither of which the 2S38 has. Comparing lights across the board the 2S38 is pretty average across 10.0 In either case there isnt even a compelling argument to raise it to 10.3


Dispite the 2s38 having a higher win rate and k/d youd be right…but your not.
Not to mention the 2s38 shouldnt even have apfsds cause, you know, its an AA not a light tank.
But its russian, so its ok


Win rate and KD is pretty moot argument consider most of the time its used as a backup when battles are generally already won. Lots of people have high win rate vehicles because of this.

Again, zero arguments here to have it moved anywhere from where it is now. Sounds like a skill issue.

Trying to say 2s38 is fine is laughable


AB= no CAS that kills you from above because you have standard CAS compare to RB that people bring they own CAS. You spent must time in AB it seems you like to spot enemy faster and easy detect CAS attack compare to RB.

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you play since 2015 and only have russian tanks xD


The 2S38’s round is unquestionably better, not just in flat pen but also in the crucial angled pen. This allows the 2S38 to more comfortably engage targets frontally, and punch through angled side armor easier. Even when you have the flank where the extra pen doesn’t matter, the 2S38 also has APHE rounds, to allow much faster TTKs and thus preserve the limited ready rack.

As for survivability, the 2S38 also has an advantage here, between the uncrewed turret and the black hole fuel tank that often eats all the spalling from frontal shots without exploding, thus ensuring two of the crew can survive a frontal APFSDS round. The 9040’s armor can protect it for a few seconds against lower caliber autocannons if you’re angled, but that only lasts up until they aim for the turret ring, the driver’s port or the sights. And the armor profile only protects you against darts if they aim for the wrong side of the tank.

You also didn’t mention the IRST or much superior HE-VT rounds that the 2S38 enjoys, as well as the faster turret, which make the 2S38 vastly better in the AA role than any CV90 apart from maybe the lvkv.

And while the BILL and lvkv add ATGMs and RADAR respectibly, they do it at the cost of an even worse dart round, which has overall similar penetration performance to the APHE round the 2S38 gets. So even the single CV90 that can truely compete with the 2S38 in one role loses out to it hard in the AT role.

And that’s with the 10.0 light it shares the most in common with. I’ve not even mentioned the PUMA, which isn’t even close.

The 2S38 is unquestionably a 10.3 candidate, possibly a 10.7 one too.


It’s hilarious how inconsistent fuel tanks can be, sometimes you can only damage the fuel tank itself while doing zero damage to anything behind it, and sometimes you’re able to kill two 2S38s with a single shot.


I can easily destroy br 10 tanks in BTR80, does it means that should be br10? no, same goes with 2s38. You ppl are crying too much, the 2S38 is quite slow and big compared with the western tanks and other vehicles. It has a good gun and rest is garbage and its AA locking range got nerfed recently so unless the aicraft is above you and at low alt the 2s38 wont be able to fight any plane or heli.

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While I tend to agree with a lot of what you said, I will disagree with this. At least my experience that is. If they are running around, I hit center mass and ammo rack. When they are hull down, I can still ammo rack by hitting their ammo belt. I have been enjoying the current horde. Free score/rp for my abrams.

It’s the inconsistency that gets me. If they’re facing you frontally, you can either go for quite a specific shot on the ammo feed into their gun, or you can aim center mass and hope the fuel tank doesn’t eat it. Sometimes it does, sometimes it doesn’t.

They aren’t exceptionally survivable in general, but I’m comparing them directly with the 9040s, which have no chance against well aimed shots, and are much easier to disable when they’re hull down. The main advantage the 9040s have is that they’re much harder to ammorack, but I don’t think that quite evens out the unmanned turret and roulette wheel fuel tank protection.

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It really isnt any bigger or slower than any other top tier IFV besides bmp2m. In fact Id wager its smaller than most of them. Definitely smaller than Bradley, Puma, and Lynx


While I do agree that it’s OP, not sure why there’s a thread for this
Gaijin has already left it at 10.0 for a while now and I probably won’t raise it no matter what as even if they know it’s BS, they won’t risk upsetting the people who bought it

Think it’s just one of those things you’ll have to get used to, vehicles like that are the main reason why i bring HESH with me in top tier and the immense satisfaction i get when i watch that shell slam down into it is just so damn satisfying, especially if they are raging in chat or are single lifers

I’m actually rather curious how many people have bought it, would love to know what premium vehicles are bought the most

2S38 is way op. Even a BR11 it takes out my Leo 2 or my Merkava too easy. Boom, boom boom and your tank is gone …


they had no problem raising the br of a few premiums already or nerfing them etc
but mostly non ru tanks (suprise suprise…)


No, you can’t.

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What a fucking embarrassment. People like this should not be able or allowed to talk about BRs


yes, wallet warrior. I have a job and dont have time to grind like a tard. Im just playing casual and having fun, but thanks for looking at my profile

The 2S38 is one of the reasons I cant take ground RB serious in this game. The devs constantly under tier and over perform Russian vehicles while over tiering NATO vehicles while making sure they underperform.

The S238 is 10.0 but the HSTVL is 11.3? The XM735 nerf. Russian T-80 hulls not spawling or detonating when they get hit like they should. As long as this thing stays 10.0 its proof Warthunder top tiers are just a rigged Russian carnival game. The S238 doesnt even exist. But they have all the documents to back up its unknown pen. But when you try to call them out on that its denied. Try to hand them documents to buff NATO equipment straight from the source? Denied.

Some Russian from Siberia who cant read or write submits a bug report that XM735 is wrong. Approved without so much as a check. Approved without talking to the tech mods that run the forum. Approved without a simple look up. Approved the day of the patch and secretly put in so no one would be able to test it on the dev server.

Im sure it was a simple mistake though. A mistake they still have yet to fix and said they dont know when or if it will be fixed.

So judge based on their actions. Gaijin wants to make sure this game is rigged in Russia’s favor and they are doing just that.


But I guess rushing the entire map with the leo2 to the enemy spawn point and die its because 2s38 is very op