2S38 and Su25k OP in 10.0 BR

Hi guys, Should 2S38 and SU25k need to get up tiered? What are your thoughts based on your experienced playing in 9.0 - 10.0 GRB. Thank you.

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10.0 russia gets uptiered all the time anyway

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Out of the two of them the 2S38 should be 10.3.
They are both wildly annoying. But not OP.

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Fixed the damage model btw.

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Idk about the Su 25k being busted in GRB, ARB sure because it’s one of the premium farming attackers acting as an absolute cancer in the 9.0-10.3 br range and I wholeheartedly support it going up to 10.7 alongside all the other premium attack jets being better fighters than the actual tech tree fighters.

The 2s38 is busted, it’s the BMP-2M fiasco for a second time, and to add insult to injury, it’s a prototype that hasn’t even completed trials yet, I’d like to see it removed entirely and have players who own it be compensated with a more grounded in reality vehicle like they did with the CV 90105.


To be honest at first i didn’t agree with what you said about the 2s38 but it’s like now thinking about it i kind of regret even buying it. Sure it has a fast reload and a somewhat pretty good protection system but it wasn’t the best thing i spent my golden eagles on it and if anything i would like a refund so i can just buy that wolfpack or French wheeled autoloader.

2s38 should 100% moved to 11.7, from experience, it can blow out a Leopard 2 Breech with 1 shot, its barrel in 2, all under a full second, usually killing the loader, even through the mantlet penetration analysis says shouldn’t be possible but it does every game. Eats HEATand APFSDS all day. Constantly 1 taps most 10.3 tanks consistently because its APFSDS spalling is actually appalling, and can even one tap engines. Its ammo rack feeding the turret just oranges or red, rarely detonating. Not enough armor in the unmanned turret to spall a 120mm APFSDS. Etc Etc…

Su25k is not going to be spawned as much once this broken 2s38 russian vehicle is put at a BR they belong.


Kinda of crazy just how different my experience is. Almost all of my hits on the 2s38 are one shots. They can be annoying when hull down but when they are not, I aim center mass and they pop.

I also dont have them taking out my gun often but that is probably due to me getting the first shot off most of the time.

Yea, center mass doesn’t always kill them has to be a specific front shot there have even been times i’ve bounced a shot of that thing. I could pass a DM23 right through their tank dead center even from the side and all i would get is their fuel, driver, or red, yellow their ammo. That thing is incredibly buffed by RNG.

The whole point is if their APFSDS can be shot each 0.5s for 225mm of pen it does not belong in 10.0-3 BR. Not to mention all the other perks that come along with it. It needs to move up to a BR that has more armor to defend against that.
After the sales this anniversary there are more than 3-4 2s38s a match if you’re up against Russia. So toxic. Gaijin is just trying to abuse other nations.

I am willing to bet it hasnt moved up because there are too many idiots playing it. Its stats are not high enough for a br increase due to all of them tunnel visioned and rushing.
It most likely wont be on the automatic br change but gaijin has changed vehicle balance via player feedback the last couple times

I think it should be put to 9.3 the SU25 tech tree variant as its just getting royally fucked by F5 and things that go twice as fast and unable to do anything to get out of each every game.

I guess u did not faced those american planes that drops guided bombs from the orbit at br10. The a10 has a better has better payload and is same br and about the 2s38 is a l2p issue you have, I dont see you crying when leopards2 destroy those things only with mgs

I dont know if we play the same game :/

But A10 is slow have no armor and a cupple of mgs bring that thing down bevor it even see a tank … i would love to have five A10 in the air instead of 1 SU25K. The SU25k can survive one or more SPAA rockets and has missiles that can kill a tank even when the rocket not hit. To top that of it has good AA missiles.

The 2S38 can survive most of the mgs with not promelm (leo 2k has is not the common mg …). And when u look at 2S38 vs Otomatic than the 2S38 must be 11.3 or 11.7 because it hase better surv, faster, more ammo, better thermals.