2023 Po-2 Race Lap Time Records

Here’s a spot to put down Lap time records. When I started today ____Haterade had the world record lap time of a 2:09.557. Fins_FinsT also has a 2:09.847. I am unsure who had their time first though.

Today I have achieved:
2:07.378 World Record (https://youtu.be/lJDgk4aRVCE)
2:07.355 WR (https://youtu.be/gKhYENWmJ80)
2:07.027 WR (Link Below) (<- Too many links for one post)
2:06.964 WR (Link Below)
2:06.657 WR (Link Below)
2:05.715 Current WR (Link below)

I took the 2:09 barrier and shattered it to 2:07, then to 2:06, then to 2:05, and finally to 2:04 with a crazy run that dropped nearly a full second off of my previous best time. I fully believe 2:04.XXX is possible but it’ll be a hard challenge to achieve in the coming days.

I wish everyone the best of luck in their times, and sincerely hope my performance can be beat. I prefer competition afterall.

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Video proof of world records (1/2):
2:07.027 WR (https://youtu.be/muv-_cFt8K4)
2:06.964 WR (https://youtu.be/TwQg21eV-Cg)

Video proof of world records (2/2):
2:06.657 WR (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fsrrK_rsxvk)
2:05.715 Current WR (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HKnY1Cf9CvA)
Got it working

A love letter to gaijin,

Please for the love of the race, remove the AA from the race. It’s aimbot accuracy loses me more run attempts than human errors at this point. Also change the leaderboard so we can actually find the lowest times to make my job easier.

thanks <3

New Back to back world records:
2:05.694 WR (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kxo4wdkOyIw)
2:05.365 Current WR (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iMSkXjauWm8)

Correction 2:05.356*

New WR:
2:05.179 (wont let me post link, see on my yt channel)
2:04 Imminent

New WR:
2:05.121 (see run on yt channel, can’t post yt link)

THE 2:04 IS REAL!!!
2:04.962 WORLD RECORD!!! (Video on my channel, again can’t post link)

I dont even know where or how to start…
2:04.598 World Record, video on my yt again

2:04.524 Achieved.

2:03 MIGHT be possible. I’ll try to get it

Last screenshots I took of first and 1000th positions on the leaderboard:

no one cares about your sweaty scores

we want po2 but guys like you ruin us


If you want the Po-2 so badly, you can buy it in the market for $5 bucks, it’s the cheapest aircraft there. If you don’t want to pay for it, you will have to work for it, and that means scoring in the first 1000th range at the races.

What I can guarantee you is that belittling the best racer in the competition won’t get you anywhere. Instead try to learn from him.

i ended up at 1050, thanks to some, people who don’t have enough time can’t have their plane! they literally already have it why even flex in a mini game inside a game

yeah sure players like you are sweaty as fuck and ofc some idiots rammed me.

This is the exact reason why all of my world record runs are posted to youtube. I could choose the route that so many others do and simply not post video proof. Haterade doesn’t, Fins_FinsT does if he remembers. I want people to watch the best runs to learn and improve so they can earn the rewards themselves. My participation only prevented one person from getting the plane this year, the person who my account displaced for space in the top 1000. But there were at least 5 people who I helped live during my live streams or who watched my runs and learned how to fly. They got the Po-2 by learning and getting better.

Hey Congratulations! You set a goal and went for it! Good job man!


Gear broken or ungear broken?

Well ya know, its still WT…