Halloween Race - Your best time

Hi folks,

I love Air Races! In my old days when IL-2 Sturmovik 1946 was the hot shit we made our own community race in my StG2 Squadron.
So I’m interested in your best times. I love competition. Let us find out who manages his speed the best over the two rounds.

Pls post a screenshot from the final screen like me.

Isn’t this event suffering from the same issue year after year after year after year by not fixing the landing gear situation? Aside from the complete lack of creativity as usual.

best time i did so far, ofc with the gear bug i cant help it, its me or the rest

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so when I rip of my gear I’m faster?

yep like 40km faster

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Nice. I give it a try and die maybe 10 times before I got this right ^^

at the first part of the race just get to the water, if u die just get out and try again in other lobby

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Yes, and it seems even worse this year than last. Ripped or not, you can follow the exact same path as another player and there will be a +/-10kph speed difference between your supposedly identical AC.
I’d setting for the sameoldsameold if they would just fix the old problems and didn’t make it so tedious.

You can find screenshots of the leaderboard here:

Leaderboard screenshots

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