17 pounder broken

I am well aware of the 17 pounder and it’s massive benefits to the allies during WW2! Yet in this game it is broken? Can’t understand gaijin on your theory about misplacing or undermining something which is greatly historically recorded as being the allies best cannon during WW2!

Can you please rectify the issues with this as Other ammo which I have used from other nations which is not as good is better in this game and that is wrong!

In War Thunder raw stats is what matters, maintenance / general performance isn’t relevant. The only thing that solid shot fails to do in game that it does IRL is have its splash ricochet off the back of the enemy tank, instead it goes and just stops.

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What sort of issues are you having with it?

Coming from a british main through and through, i can say that the 17pdr in my experience is a great gun, so it would help to describe what is wrong with it and i may be able to help

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It would be nice if it could pen the front of a panther at 500m

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Weirdly I logged on here to see if anyone else was having issues because my 17 pounders are suddenly useless.

Not sure when it changed but I failed to penetrate multiple KV1s and T34s at point blank range. When it does pen it hurts the crew very slightly…which is an odd thing for 17 slug to do. I am sure something has changed because it used to work pretty well (had some weird glitches sometimes but generally worked)

Will keep trying to work out what’s changed

Same issues as you that’s why I started the topic!

Read bodwads reply. Britain just lack like in real life like during WW2! The Rolls Royce Merlin engine and the spit fire were the only REAL good things to come out of WW2 for Britain or should I say England


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Your experience is only one of thousands! I just know I have played this game for a long time and now the 17 pd ammo is lack lustre but that is my opinion based on what I have observed experiencedbover 5-7 years

What you like propaganda pictures lol

Alot more Sherman tanks looked like that from 88s than panthers

Agreed but it just makes the British 3.3-5.7 more redundant than it already was

Britains lineups are not redundant, in fact some at this range are quite good, the only vehicles that arent that great in my experience are the challenger (5.3) and the Comet just due to having the early apds and not the best armour

Whilst I do not normally bring stats into play, you have less than 300 battles and your account was made just under a year ago, so unless you have had some other account then i highly doubt you have 7 years of experience

  1. Im not sure what he meant, I wqs playing 4.7 UK ground just a couple of days ago and had no issues killing either T-34s or KV-1s, KV-1s can sometime be a tough nut to crack but that is due to their armour and how they can be angled sometimes

  2. Britain is the correct term, england is just one of the 4 nations that make up the United Kingdom alongside Scotland, wales and Northern Ireland

  3. The spitfire and merlin are not the only good thing to come out of britain during ww2, i will enclose them in a spoiler as the list can be quite long.

  • Massive advancements in Radar and sonar technology
  • Nuclear weaponry ( yes british scientists played a major role in the manhattan project)
  • Squid/ Limbo anti-submarine weapons
  • King George V class battleships
  • Vanguard class battleship
  • Illustrious/ Implacable Carriers
  • Gloster Meteor
  • De Haviland Vampire
  • Centurion Tank ( the first MBT)
  • SAS, proved invaluable in both North African Campains and many others
  • The cracking of the enigma machine
  • Operation Mincemeat ( a massive deception to hide where the real invasion of italy would occur)
  • Rolls-Royce Griffin Engine

And many many more, Britain alongside the soviet union, france and the United states olayed a massive role in the winning of ww2

Also why so many replies? You could have eatily condensed them into one post by simoly quoting esch of the things you would like to answer as i have done.

I would also like to add you have still not said why you thinn the 17pdr is bad in which if you do i can try to help you do better with it

Yeah Britain were lackluster in WW2, they only made arguably the best aircraft of the entire war along with some genuinely excellent tank designs and some of the best tank guns of the war. not to mention the power of the Royal Navy. Then they were only credited with the first ever MBT design. Britain was truly terrible.

The 17 pounder in my experience is either bugged or underperforming. I don’t believe the high pen stat at all when a Jagdpanzer can bounce your rounds from less than 100m with impacts to their UFP. Not to mention how Tigers can bounce them pretty consistently even when barely angled at all. I’ve had 17 pounder rounds bounce clean off of the side of a Tiger’s turret! Considering in reality the 17 pounder turned Tigers into Swiss cheese this is insulting.

Of course they then return fire and one shot you with their physics breaking completely broken APHE because that’s fair. Don’t forget the 17 pounder’s broken accuracy as well much like most British guns for whatever reason whilst Russia and Germany are of course pixel perfect.

The issue with solid shot isn’t penetration it’s how armor splash is rendered ingame.

Penetrating shots do not produce nearly enough damage despite being more consistent and effective IRL for the time period.