15 mm MG 151 efficiency (BF 109 F-2 in Air RB)

Hi, I like to fly BF 109 F-4 but I’m currently tired of absolute Wyvern spam and constant uptier games (3.7-4.7 or 4.0-5.0), I don’t dare to go higher BR I mean G-6 yet so I’m looking down but I don’t want to play Emils, I want to have nose mounted guns, so that leaves F-1 and F-2 but F-1 only has 60 rounds of ammo in the cannon, F-2 has 200 but it’s only a 15mm machine gun which I’ve never heard anything good about.

I’m interested in your experience.

I am not a fan of 109s - but i use from time to time the Italian F-4 with the 15 mm gun pods - and i am quite happy with them. But i use them solely at longer ranges (= >600 meters) without MG 17 & the 20 mm as the 20 mm gets incredibly hard to aim in the range area 600-900 meters.

Even without looking into specific data like muzzle velocity, drag coefficients, etc. i see them as far easier to use than the 20 mm due to a “flatter” trajectory.

I use them with 800 meters convergence and vertical targeting with the AP belt, and long range (= > 1 km) hits, crits and kills are not unusual.

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Hi! I find that the F-2 is actually a REALLY fun aircraft. It’s basically like the F-4 (also my favorite 109) but a whole BR lower! As for the mg 151 itself it’s not that bad. It’s best when centerline like on the F-2. Highly recommend playing the F-2

Edit: Also, I recommend using armored target belt for the 15’s, like @Uncle_J_Wick said :)

Happy hunting!


You got me hooked on F-2. Of course I like the F-1, I flew it before the F-4, but the amount of ammo is limiting, while with the F-4 it’s not a problem to play a 5-6 kills battle without a landing and reload, with the F-1 the amount of ammo is usually only enough for about 3 kills. That’s why I started thinking about the F-2, which has more ammo. And 3.0 BR still means no wyverns!! I’m not afraid of them, they don’t hurt me, but I don’t catch them, and they often bomb bases before anyone gets there, and we lose on tickets. I hate them even though they’re on my team. I need a break from them.

P.S.: Are you saying the best 15mm MG 151 ammo belt against aircraft is Armoured targets belt? right? not Air targets?

Yes, because the 15mm is modeled the same way the 7,92mm is, resulting that even the He shell on a direct crew hit doesnt kill the crew.


The 15mm is in a pretty sad state. It’s basically completely outperformed by the Soviet 12.7mm Berezin, which gets both API and HEI rounds that are more effective.

The 15mm has higher muzzle velocity (other than the AP-T) but the bullets have worse ballistics (particular the 15mm API) and of course the gun has much lower RoF.

12.7mm API → “onHitChanceMultFire”: 10.0
15mm API → “onHitChanceMultFire”: 7.0
15mm IT → “hitPowerMult”: 10.0
15mm HEFI-T → “onHitChanceMultFire”: 5.0

So the MG 151 has worse shells in-game with worse RoF. It’s basically a pea shooter in comparison.

Witness the superiority of Soviet equipment:



I was able to upload the images. For some reason it didn’t work with the in-game screenshots, so I made an image of the screenshots as a workaround 😂

Yeah when I try to upload any new screenshot with the in-game screnshot function, my firefox just crashes. Very strange.

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Better range, worse damage. Treat it more like a spicy .50cal than an actual cannon.

No treat it more like a very bad .50cal.

Even with the US 12.7mm early belts you get pretty much the same performance.

Practically the same AP performance and the 12.7mm Inc probably has the same fire chance as the 15mm IT. (It’s actually 8 vs. 10 but other than Rank 1 you never get a single US .50cal in a fighter)

Which only leaves the underpowered 15mm explosive round, which just doesn’t cut it.


Yeah, that’s the 2nd reason

Lol yeah

Yes. They have the most APIC-T rounds. It is soooo easy to light people on fire. Plus, it has the most pen of all the 15mm rounds so you can top down tanks easily.

I’m on now if you want to hop in some matches together

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Underpowered or not, why handicap yourself even more by not taking the Air Targets belt? Sure it’s not as good as a 20mm, but it’s not that bad that you’re better off taking AP either.

Yeah from using both air and armored target belts I can say that the air belt is definitaly better.

Since it doesn’t have realShatter it doesn’t deal a lot of structural damage but it hits components in a large radius so setting fires happends quite frequently.

The tracers also make aiming easier and since they changed the ballistics of the 7.92mm AP, they should hit the same targets at most ranges.

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The F2’s firepower reminds me of the Strike-master’s 10 x .30cals.

You’ll have a game where you smash 3-4 planes with short bursts and think to yourself - “this thing rocks, I’ve found a hidden gem.”

Then you’ll spend the next 5 games getting mostly assists and never want to fly it again.

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Lol, that’s a great analogy 😂

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I had pretty good success with the 15mm air belt, pilot sniping and most of the time causing fires but not a single wing or tail shot off.

Then I took out the Mig 3 with a single 12.7mm Berezin. Shoot the wings of two bombers off but suprisingly didn’t cause a single fire in attacking three bombers in total.
I was using the air belt for the 50% IAI, to maximize structural damage.

There may be more truth in your words than one would think. I tried two test battles, 4 kills in the first battle, in the second 0 kills and 4 assists :D

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That’s pretty much the reality of air combat. Unless you hit the right area, you’re not going to take out a plane.

Fighters won’t care about 1-3 15mm HEFI-T to the wing in the game, but if there’s a fuel tank, it’s a different story.

My theory is that the fire chance of explosive rounds is applied to the fragments they produce, so each damage instance on the plane has their own chance to start a fire.

A hit into an AI Bf 110 fuel tank results in a fuel fire 9/10 times.

The fire chance is probably 3-5 times higher than other Incendiary or API rounds, while also having an area of effect.