13.0 jets need amraam missiles by default

Honestly for stock planes it is down right impossible to get a kill on anyone in this meta right now who has amraams and has over a quarter of a brain. There is physically no way to grind other than bomb bases and go for ground targets, or occasionally having the luck to kill someone who has no idea what they are doing but somehow survived your teammates’ rain of missiles. If you manage to kill someone with your pitiful stock missiles you might as well use that luck to draw a lottery. Just give like 2 amraams to all stock planes with them so people won’t quit the game because of how much insanity there is to grind them out.


Maybe not AMRAAMs stock ,but definitely need SARHs stock

They are locked way too far into the research for how top tier plays out rn it’s completely hopeless


Putting these missiles in the game without a significant BR increase is absolutely insane.


I agree, having only 2 IR missiles even if they have IRCCM its just too little when facing planes with up to 10 missiles.

Agreed, should have gone to at least 13.3 or 13.7 while moving up the less effective ARH launchers up slightly

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the sad thing bout SARH is that most of them are not as close as good enough, from my experience in past patches. maybe the decrease from 100m to 60m this patch for ground effect can save them a bit, but i haven’t tried them a lot yet