13.0 aircraft cant be used in air assault anymore

so as of the day after the update dropped ive not been able to use a 13.0 aircraft in assault air arcade. also on patch day this same game mode was not giving any SL or RP rewards as they use to prior to the last major update dropping. as there hasnt been anythin in any patchnotes regarding the disabling of 13.0 aircraft in this mode i will assume it is a bug


I made an official suggestion on the suggestions page. Whenever it gets approved (if it does) I will let you know and you can vote Yes, you’d like to see this in game.


great thnx-ive been kinda taking a hiatus from the game atm since i dont want to play actual battles atm but still want to play with my high tier stuff and research my new harrier etc

I got denied

worth a try bud