12.0 to 13.0 in their own rank

Good day Gajin, I am here to talk about 12.0 jetz and lower tir jetz.

I have the F4E at 11.0 and I like the Jet it’s one of my fav jet in it’s time, but it’s not fun at the moment to play with 12.0 jets, the grind is shit and the gameplay is just so bad because of 12.0. You just get nowhere fast and get shot down so fast and even your flares don’t, chaff is just no you will not life longer then 3-4 mins a game and you just make lose on GL ever game in a up tier, its really not fun and just Dog shit that this jet goes and fights jets it’s not suppose to fight at all, ooooooh btw I duuno here is something weird of something.

Make the 12.0 go up to 13.0 and make it’s own rank for Tanks RB it will be find as well. because 11.0 just suffers and it’s not fun at all to play at the moment I feel like breaking my monitor and smashing my Keyboard against the wall on 12.0 everytime, and the big maps I dont have the fuel gajin I just ran out half way and die.

It’s true the matchmaker at 11.0 is really bad, but that’s not your main problem.

You have no single plane over KD 1, even your F5c is lower, therefor your KD on the F4E is average.
AIM9L and R60 exist at lower BR anyway, so your super hot engine is a problem all the time.

On EC maps no one can fly with full afterburner all the time. Use 1st stage AB or fly without AB to the battlefield, so your team can spot the enemies and you have more time for positioning.