11.3 is unplayable now

With the addition of 4th gen aircraft, stuff like the FGR.2 and Tornado F.3 are just food for the SMT and 16C. They need to bring back BR walls and wall off 3rd gen aircraft from 4th gen aircraft.

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I died to so many Block 50 F-16s today… so much CAS…

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dont forget its not op because it isnt Russian and its american


They were on the same team… 3 games in a row… why must I suffer like this Gaijin. Why. What did I do to deserve this…

Kinda true. If it was Soviet, there would be so many complain posts. Honestly felt like everyone on here was relieved that the SMT flight model was garbage lol.
Oh, and IF the SMT was German, there would so many post of people crying.


Each update is the same problem,…

people at -1.0BR from max BR are complainning.

No one likes to be at the bottom of the gangbang, I get it.

But usually, its fine or at least workable. The issue with the past few updates has been the missile capabilities are just out of this world, but it was still feasible to defeat a good radar missile or an absolutely cracked IR missile. The issue this time around is the sheer difference in flight performance, there is no conceivable way that the average F-16 pilot is losing to the average F-4 player unless the F-16 pilot has a serious mental deficiency.


Since when was 1.0 under top BR a good BR to play, you will get sucked into top tier 90% of the time. It has been hot garbage since 2013. Haven’t tried it yet (too early), but probably 11.0 will be very well playable ~2 weeks after the patch dropped as the 12.3 saturation will pull all the 11.3s up… same like last patch 10.7 was a goog BR to play at as the 11.0s were being food for the 12.0s. It has worked like this since forever. You can either;

  1. Rush to top BR and stomp people as you will have a load of downtiers
  2. Wait until BRs go up and play 1.3 under top BR

That or, just accept you’ll have to deal with enemies in superior planes and/or superior weaponry if you want to play in 1.0 range of the top BR.

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I say its fine because up until these patches over the past year, the performance differential has been relatively fine. And due to how matchmaking works, you’d never be liable to see more than 4 aircraft 1 BR above you. And this was fine when everything was 3rd gen facing 3rd gen, and that’s my main concern.

Obviously there are some issues with a BR wall. Examples such as when 9.3 couldn’t get uptiered and the F-104A was added with combat flaps, causing it to completely stomp 8.3 because nothing could catch it.

The issue now with 11.3, which is primarily made up of 3rd gen aircraft at the end of their development, stuff like the Flogger MLD/A and the F-4J/S, and even the Tornado, which despite being 4th gen does not feel like it. But when you get an uptier, you’re facing 11.7 tomcats, 12.0 Fulcrums, Freestyles, Falcons, and then the dreaded 12.3 aircraft.

1st to 2nd gen is rough, I get that. It’s WW2 designs vs Korea War designs.
2nd to 3rd gen can be frustrating, but most 2nd gens can still hold their own.
3rd to 4th gen is a bloodbath and makes it incredibly unfun right now to play some of the most iconic aircraft developed.


On one hand. 11.3s not being able to fight 12s and 12.3s makes sense and somewhat proves that the BR system actually semi-works. But there is always issues with top tier compression. As top tier cant be uptiered. When the FGR2 was top BR, im sure people at BR10 ish complained about it too…

That being said. and this does come from a British main, so I know the pain first hand… The issue is that for Britain. We have nothing to fullfill that 12.0 role. Uptier is our ONLY choice at the moment. Tornado F3 should have come last year at the latest, and should have been replaced sometime this year. The fact it was added AFTER the Gen 4 12.0s was just a slap in the face for Britain. Our “best” and newest jet. Was outdated and outclassed day 1. Thus the fact its only an 11.3. FGR2 being the same BR as the Tornado F3 doesnt help things either. That bracket is horrifically compressed at the moment.


Yeah, I’m just frustrated by the fact that I love the Phantom and Tornado but I’m also aware that they’re in a rough spot right now.

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Phantom was good, but did get stale after the 3 years it was top dog, and Tornado F3 would have been amazing if it had come early 2022. Just sucks because it came 2023. Such a shame

Wild to think that Britain hasnt really gotten any new top tier fighters in almost 4 years.

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Yeah, Harrier Gr7 was and now is again a pretty good jet. But a CAS jet is poor substitute. Im hoping Sea Harrier FA2 might be quite good, maybe not truly competitive, but at least fun in a plucky underdog kind of way.

But that is semi-accurate. Gaijin has messed up big time, and things wouldnt be quite so bad if they had added thing sooner, But Britain did have a very weak airforce at this “time”. Typhoon though would be without a doubt be top dog jet for a little while. Providing no massive nerfs. For example. It almsot certainly wont have ASRAAM

I haven’t had the fortune to play the GR 7 yet, but anything with more than 60 countermeasures already looks fun enough to me

700 is rather glorious. with MAWS on the way apparently

Aim-9M was definetly what it needed to retain its Br11.7 status. You struggle in a protracted fight. But a well placed VIFF (Vector in forward flight) and you can out turn or break check even F-16s and Mig-29s. though its a trick that doesnt work everytime. For me personally, as I mainly play ASB. The lack of radar is a bit exhausting.

Yep, and now after this lates update. Quick fix for this is, to remove 11.3 completely, and every plane sitting on 11.3 gets lowered to 11.0. Let those F16’s, Mig 29’s, SU 27’s and F15 fight eachothers… This is just pure slap on players face. 11.3 is pure s*** at this current state


Yes, makes sense to move 11.3s to 11.0 so that every 10.7 and below can just bend over and take it raw.

There was never a time in WT where playing 1.0 under the top BR was a great idea. That’s just a by product of how it works. But at the same time, when you play 11.3, you can at most have only 4 12.3s on each side.

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Yeah 11.3 is rough but imagine playing a 11.7 phantom against Su27 and F15s now because it got a great radar and Aim9L

Air top br should by this point be atleast 13.0

I’ll rectify you —> 14.7