11.3 for J-7D

I’m not done yet, for the catch, we give J-7D it’s historic loadout.

4 PL-7 or 4 PL-8.

That’s the loadout for J-7D, it’s just another variant of J-7III with better engine (Liaoning WP-13FI rather than the WP-13F that J-7III used) after all, PL-5B is fictional in that plane.

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lets not do this


11.3 J-7D?
What I can do when faced against Kfir C.7 that is one of most capable dogfighter and has x4 Python-3.


keep it at 11.0, make the loadout 4 PL-7, 2 PL-8 then?

No need PL-8s for J-7D imo.
The combination of a bad FM and a decent AAM could be unplayable even more in current matchmaker.