11.0 Air Realistic

Can someone please tell me why gaijin wont change that 11.0 sees 12.0 i get that its at the top rank for 11.0 but 11.0 can’t even fight 12.0 properly its just painful

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12.0 isn’t the top, 13.0 is the top. Yes though, being uptiered is a constant issue, and BR’s need to be decompressed.



13.0 isn’t implemented still?

Not yet, probably with ARH next update though

no… why do you talk on things you haven’t researched

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Guess I was thinking ground for some reason. Some weird mind stuff maybe, could have sworn 13.0 was added to ground.

i get 12.7 is the top top but i was talking about the top for 11.0 air being 12.0 just a pain especially with the Aim 54 spams

You literally answered yourself. Its gaijin…
And yeah most of the 11,0 aircrafts are bit of unplayable since constant uptier™ right now…

I’m still stewing over my J7D purchase. Even at 50% off I feel burned. It’s getting insta-slammed by F-14Bs, Mig-29s and F-20s all day long.

same with me as the F4J UK its so unbalanced at that BR it needs a desperate buff…

I feel like gaijin forgot about the british tech tree :(

Yeah, it’s always forgotten. In the last BR update they moved most 9.0s down to 8.7 so they could stop seeing all-aspect missiles. Except the Hunter F1

BR walls are not a good solution for these issues. They simply create more issues.