109s Optimal climbing speed/angle

Hello, I fly specifically the BF 109 F-4 and am interested in your experience. What airspeed/angle do you use for initial climb? I’m currently climbing at 230-240 KPH IAS, I’ve seen this somewhere as the optimum values for 109 F-4 climb. But then I’ve read a lot of opinions on the best climb speed being around 270 KPH IAS or tips like picking up a speed of 300-400km/h on the deck and then setting a climb angle of 20 degrees, etc.

What is your experience?


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Around 270-280kph, increasing a bit with altitude. You’re climbing at too slow a speed. Do not zoom climb, that whole “picking up a speed” on the deck is a terrible idea that people took from zoom climbing in jets and it doesn’t work with props. You also shouldn’t climb at a fixed angle, you should always climb at a fixed speed if you want the best climb rate.

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Right now I climb at 250kph right after takeoff and gradually let it drop to 230kph (sometimes I accelerate to 280-300 after takeoff and then pitch up) but I think my 109 can handle it better, that’s why I put this post. So I will try to use a higher speed around 270kph as you say. Thanks.