10.0 is unplayable

When is this gonna get fixed? Barely past 5 minutes and this happened. Screw all the changes and roadmap following if one of the biggest issues are yet not adressed the way they are supposed to.

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Spam of T-72 AV Turms-T with high quality 2nd gen thermals at this low BR, nothing you can do. Its the 80ties (Leopard 2A4) vs modern times 2012 or something. Most important thing in WT is to spot the enemy first (first shot is usually = win), with 2nd gen thermals vs grainy early ones you have no chance. They see everything first, even pixels from antennas or if you’re behind bushes. They also have more firepower and their armor works better.

If you feel like you have no chance, play another BR bracket or also join russian side, like so many others. Its often better to WTJ than to frustrate yourself while playing the weaker side.