+/- 1 mechanical's game

The battles with +/- 1 are absolutely impossible. Example: Italian Piaggio P108B (era 3) with speed 438 kmh, vs a any type of P47 (era 3) that have a speed of 740 kmh. Even, a P47N can to fly at 790 kmh. Where is the balance? Where is the fun?

36000 battles
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This is just part of the whole “Uptier/downtier” discussion that’s been ongoing for years. It’s why people are constantly asking for BR decompression.

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P47s kept going down in br because people keep trying to turn fight in them. Once people start playing them right, they will go back up.

Yup there are like 10 active threads on it already, probably one of the most discussed subject.

As for gaijins BR system, it shouldn’t be based on player capabilities, as that leads to “meta’s” and tanks becoming “OP” as for some aircraft too. (Player capabilities shouldn’t be the baseline, it should be vehicle capability, for example, the Strela 10-M2 is extremely good when used by someone who knows even minor knowledge of how to use it, it could be 10.7+, but for a skill-less player, it could be a 8.7, or close to where it is now, making a majority suffer, because a minority can’t figure out how to do simple things should NEVER happen.)

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I see your point. However, the other method gaijin does is for them to look at the stats and guess the br. This is done for the first br they give vehicles. I think it is clear that they tend to make some big mistakes with that.

At least they no longer balance purely on player stats. They leave some room for player feedback.

I honestly just dont trust gaijin enough to take their word on how good/bad a vehicle is.

The other issue with leveraging player skill as a variable for BR changes is that it doesn’t take into consideration that they can be manipulated. A good example is players decide to only play a tank in down tiers or mild uptiers then it would artificially be inflated because it’s not competing in full uptiers that likely would reduce this.

Usually there are enough people playing a vehicle that such a situation wouldnt happen. There could be a few that few players use that might be done like that. That is the risk of doing it via player stats, i agree

The other two br options is:
A: community discussion. Aka, the loudest crybabies can move stuff where ever they want

B: gaijin decides via vehicle stats. In that case, stuff like the 279, vidar, and ebr can go back down to their starting brs