1 Life Players

I wish they would make a rule saying you had to spawn twice or forced you to play 2 vehicles, because this is getting way out of hand and becoming VERY annoying. You have no reason now to leave the match after 1 death unless you bought a high BR premium. but if you did that and you’re new to the game, its quite unwise to jump the BR gap as a new player. The economy is fixed where there is little loss when a vehicle is destroyed, I have never used premium and I’m still scraping by at 500000 SL average and if I try I can get it into the millions. People need to stop doing this, you make the game very unfair and unenjoyable when you do this. You can win if you’d at least try…

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Blame Gaijin for giving a mere twenty backups for rank 6 premium tanks, when it may take hundreds of games to get a rank 6 tt tank

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See, and 3 years ago they said they wouldn’t put premium vehicles above Rank 5… Look at where we are now

Lets ban fail squads first.