1 hour waiting time in queue , still no matchup (plz reduce the min player requirement for naval ec match )

i tried to queue up into naval ec matches 2 times in 10 hours and i had to wait almost 1 hour each time , and i still didn’t got a matchup , plz gaijin , lower the min. amount of players to like 10 or 12 for naval ec to start the game , i had 13 players for a very long time waiting and we still didn’t got a matchup


Are player numbers that bad now? Why only the Naval event was postponed …

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I had a longer queue than normal in RB tanks to be honest.

Longer than an hour or generally a longer than usual waiting time?

Random battle queue times for naval are still fine. It’s just EC. Gaijin has always said the numbers for that mode are just bad.

If they ever want a mode that “feels bigger” than just random battles, they need to look at what other games do with alliance raid mechanics: different loot/rewards, different group communications, different party finding with squads joining and rejoining alliances, different mechanics that can challenge larger groups to work together. Just putting the start zones farther apart isn’t enough.


Thx for clearing this up for me … I missed the EC “label”.

i had like 13-14 players for quite a long time in queue , they should match them up since other ppl can still join within 30 min window after match starts

Have you got join in progress matches enabled still? You’d want to have that on.

Also when you queue up, that lot of players, may not all have the same server set selected, but may have a second that is, and not all of those players could share the same selection.

It’s like a venn diagram, and it counts not just the middle, but the outer as well.

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It’s crazy so many are required.

Gaijin-bots exist in NRB and so should be added to naval EC.

Air SIM can start with only 2 players per side and so long as there is at least 1 per side. The match won’t end (though mm won’t let one team get too large)

Naval doesn’t have national matchmaking.

So it’s crazy that this is an issue at all. It should attempt to get more. Maybe at least 8v8 but if the matchmaking goes over say 5-10 minutes. It should just start with whoever is available so long as it’s more than 4. Then pad out the teams with bots. As people queue up, they are swapped in for bots.

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It’d help if they stopped ruining Naval.

Really hard to justify taking any of my lines for naval out when I’m facing a 45 minute queue for a butchered game mode. Suspect that’s where half the folk have gone, and they haven’t bothered to account for it.

This thing keeps eating my sentences.


Yeah… They release big changes, that almost werent needed and then just totally ignore the changes that actually are.

I have no doubt the damage changes put a lot of people off. I know I was for a little while and even now im playing it less until SAP gets fixed

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Was actually good before they brought in the green circles. Didn’t need green circles.

The current damage changes make me not want to bring out any of my battleships, or even heavy cruisers. Or buy the battleships I researched but didn’t get.

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Yeah, that aim assist was wierd, but fine overall I think.

I have mixed feelings. Hood Vs Scharn is now slightly more fair, but Belfast feels like its made of paper. Even vs destroyers. And with SAP nerfed (which happens to be Britains primary shell in most cases) i feel weaker offensively. Its an annoying mix of changes.

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Ah, it’s EC, this makes sense then.

i agree !

yeah i have enabled that but if the matchmaking requires atleast 16 players as far i know, now there are even 32v 32 in naval ec but most of players join after the match is started , they should just make rooms like the air sim has

the HE damage is still so busted sometimes , i got hit by 2 76mm HE rounds just under my main belt on uss new Orleans and it sunk in like under 4 sec from 98% buoyancy , i pressed the patch holes key but it took 3 sec and it was too late
i have no idea how does that system works 🥲

I have had long queue times on the us server than usual over the last two months,not sure if its server or low player numbers

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for naval yes it is that bad but for the rest of the game gijin has allowed bot accounts to play within matches to fill up queue faster.
no im not saying that just as my opinion its the fact just go look it up i think most of the time bot accounts are at 10k or more for most days

Go to settings and enable to join active battles.