1 Death Leaver Solution

Mate, this system is working few years or more, because majority of rp is earned by “time in battle” coefficient)))

They did better… You now don’t have to plan, you can apply backups in battle, so there is even less reason to be running ODL.

So instead making the game better so they don’t leave, you want to punish them HAHA

That’s hardly an extra reward. It has to be something more noticeable and rewarding. Plus that’s directly tied to match length, not the time spent in a match, or if you stayed till the end.

Plus, whats the harm in rewarding players more, and rewarding those who contribute more too?

Planes are spawned by points sort of like Ground RB - first one costs 650 spawn points, 2nd of that type costs 1300 - in this case attacker/bomber are 1 type, fighter a 2nd type. 2nd plane spawn costs 650 if it is the other type.

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The only real solution is to lock the crew for the duration of the match.

Unless you used all means to participate, you have to wait till the match is over. Die three times (ground arcade) or use all your SP (Ground realistic).

The other modes, I have not though about. It sounded more of a ground battle problem than anything else.

Neat. Any other play styles you want to punish? Can we give 1 hr crew lock to players that dont get a kill? Or 1 hr crew lock to spaa players that decide to go td mode instead of attacking planes?

I feel like these players are also ruining my experience by not doing what i want them to do.


No as it’s an encouraged mechanic with the current way premium vehicles are sold.

Until Gaijin sells premium vehicles in packs of 3 for Ground Realistic Battles ODL is a developer encouraged mechanic that can not be punished.

Ok, what if, my internet goes out or gaijin forgets to connect me from the server? That would be counted as a 1DL, and you want to lock my lineup for AN HOUR for something I can’t control?

No, what I would suggest, is giving people with one vehicle in their crew slot 3 respawns with that vehicle (for example Israel reserve) and 4 with a backup, therefore you can’t claim you had no vehicles left.

They allow you to rejoin games in progress already.

This can already cause crew lock.

oh please dude this is genuinely the worst suggestion of all time, gaijin would not do this, they want money. Quit the game tbh.

This doesn’t always happen, and most of the time it just leaves me in the hangar with a crew lock

How about the guy that wanted the MiG-29 in USA tt


As stated

It’s also not an hour long crew lock like this guy wants, that’s my point. it’s maybe 10 minutes max

An idea would be an exceptional measure if in 70-90 seconds they kill you and you respawn without penalty
If it happens to you again, it’s better to buy new hands.

We cant temporary lock out people for playing the game. Especially the ones that pay for the game to still exist. War thunder isn’t a competitive game like rainbow six siege for example implementing a temp ban system would only hurt the game.

The maps are crap now so there’s no incentive to come back.

With a name like yours, I´d think punishing people is your biggest joy.