1 Death Leaver Solution

I have a question could we pls make something against that 1 death leaver in the higher or in all brs?
I think a lot of people can agree how annoying and fun ruining that is when a game is over in only 1 or 2 minutes because of a lot of people die once and leave immediatelly.
In my opinion we should make something to punish them so they dont do that again and yeah a lot of people will say its garbage because a lot of people have only 1 vehicle on that br or so i have a lot of tanks which are on 1 br but i still play with other tanks and play more defensive than offensive when i can do that u can do that too.
But back to the main topic of punish 1 death leaver. In my opinion we should lock peoples deck for like 1h when they leave with 1 death under 5 minutes. On the otherside i would say we take the lock of the deck away when u leave before you join once because like its a completley full uptier and in the first 30 seconds other people could coin that match. Thats my Total Opinion.
I hope all understand that and i am ready for bad comments but hey i have the courace to tell it everyone.




number of computers with uninstalling WT will increase sharply…

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Punishing people will not work. Never.



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hour lol, maybe a minute, leaving earlier already gives you like 4 so an hour is unreasonable

It should, because everyone else is being punished for their selfish choice to give up withing 5 minutes of the match start.

If you can’t handle playing the game, then maybe you need to assess what you’re playing if you can’t even last a quarter of a match.

There’s one very simple thing that 100% would solve all 1 death leaving overnight:

Remove backups, let people spawn tanks as many times as they want.

That’s literally it. That’s the entire reason behind every single type of 1 death leavers. Other than “mom called me to dinner”. Name one reason people 1 death leave that isn’t solved by that.

It’s purely just monetization from Gaijin causing it.

The only reasonable way to make this work is to add a separate game mode with a minimum vehicle#/BR lineup. But that won’t happen. Gaijin isn’t going to lock paying customers out of their vehicles because they 1 leave.

Suggestion: Sub-variant of Ground RB
Solution: Move on, they won’t change anything.

a lot of youtuber use 1 vehicle lineup what about them, why normal player not allowed to do the same thing while those youtubers do that in their video.

Punishing players is bad. Reward players for staying instead.

Fix the reasons people 1DL, and it will become rare.


bad idea.

True, they could just make it so that the 3 ground spawns (assuming it’s 3 like in naval, yes I play naval but not ground lol) can count for the same vehicle and any more than that is a backup. That or just make the backups like 3x as expensive or something.

In ground AB, you get 3 spawns flat, no more at any price. But not any one thing twice without a backup.

In ground RB, you earn spawn points by doing stuff in game (and start with some), and you can keep spawning stuff as long as you have spawn points to spend. But not any one thing twice without a backup.

That’s the same as naval then, I meant 3 spawns spread between your whole lineup (per type of vehicle, so like 3 bluewater, 3 coastal, 3 [I think] plane).

bad idea. for all the previsous reasons mentionned before, but you’ll also punish the guy that leave, after one death, because half the team has already leaved, even if all enemy teams is already spawn camping.

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Well punishing is not a good start,… but i agree something must be done to that issue.

Give players a mode in which they’re forced to play more than 1 spawn → and give PvE rewards to the other one (without PvE bonus)

People leave for various reasons, working on a specific vehicle, frustration, and others. People need to stop worrying how others are playing the game and trying to force them to play the way they think it should be played. So i buy a Premium tank for a nation i want to work on and only have that tank. So now your saying i can only play one game every hour after spending $70 on a pixel tank… I would uninstall and never play again.

Again try to worry about you and what you do, you cant control how others want to play the game.


How? Is rewarding players who stay in a match and contribute to the team bad?

I just ODL and I’m not going to play War Thunder tonight now so your proposal means nothing. After nearly 3 years of playing my favorite Tiger at 5.3 and really enjoying that BR, the jack asses at Gaijin jumped it to 5.7 where it now faces all the silly 80s Italian crap in 6.7. I just got shot by one of those stupid fast-moving monstrosities and guess what? I turned the game off and walked away. I didn’t even die, just had my engine taken out while doing something I have done a thousand times. I am trying to get better at this game, I don’t need new brands of bullshit thrown my way every update.

Anyway, Nice reminder I had better things to do. Thanks Gaijin.

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