Zsu37.2 big radar cant see a damn

The zsu37.2 br 7.7 has a giant radar in top of the tank can u deleted it and if it isnt possible can we get a modification that you can put it off and cannot use a radar

That defeats the purpose because it is also used for tracking. If you set the range to 20km you can spot planes as soon as they spawn and usually lock them, so I don’t know why you are saying it can’t see anything. It is quite successful for non 360 degree radar set.

No i mean i cant so the bartle field good becaus thw radar is so big and high on the tank

You can’t see over it is the problem?

there is a button for turning off the radar wich folds it back

It the one on the 37-2 doesnt fold away like the Shilka does. It is in a fixed position.

what is the button ?

idk i changed it long time ago

Use multi menu, Y → 1 → 1.

I turned it off but it’s still a huge device, too bad you can’t take it off completely in the modifications