Zsu 4m4 igla's dont track heli's properly

is there a reason why the igla’s of the 4m4 can track an electric scout drone at 4km, but it cant even lock onto a heli flying further away than 3km?

electric. scout drone. so dont talk about heat signature. the missiles track this scout drone, and can shoot it down perfectly fine as well. but it doesnt lock on a heli thats beyond 3km distance, that is using a combustion engine.

i mean, its weird why igla cant even target lock at 2km distance now appearently, but it can still target lock an electric driven scout drone.

Maybe its just a one off bug. Ive had the strela be unable to lock on to planes before in range

This whole vehicle is a write off.

30 years to update the Shilka and apparently all it gets is Iglas.

No radar, gun handling or mobility improvements, just Iglas…

Websites make reference to improvements all around, including the radar, internal systems, the guns, engine and transmission, but I have no primary sources.

Why upgrade the Shilka when it’s already been replaced
You can find better Shilka models in nations such as Poland which don’t have the 2S6 to fill the SHORAD role

Funny is back in 2016 when it’s was first introduced as a “slightly” upgraded, it’s not even attracting many ZSU-countries operator all over the world at all.
But after 2021, the problem dealing with UAV, small drone, FPV, now it’s awaressed by the DM and being massively rushed to finised.
That thing will get better optic, more effiency radar and at best HE-VT for 23mm

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That is something that happens to all manpads, it is not a problem exclusive to the igla.

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