ZSU-37-2 battlerating in AB

Why is it in 8.0 in AB but its in 7.7 in RB???
if anything a radar SPAA gets put higher in RB than in AB
it just feels so random, who thought of it?
becuse AB has the air tracker the radar wont make that big of a diffrence, and it just feels weird
also it leaves ussr with no competent SPAA for entire battle rating (and they have a lot of viehicles between 7.0-7.7)

No idea why a radar SPAA is 7.7 in RB either when we have non-radar SPAA at higher BRs.

SIDAM 25 at 8.3…

The yenisei is a horrible SPAA thats why its 7.7 the guns have a bad cyclic rate it has a severe lack of ammo and its radar is vastly inferior to most of the other SPAA at its tier like the gepard which gets a PD track and scan set the yenisei is also not great as a TD either since it has 0 gun depression

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